Kaepernick’s publicity stunt drew interest from 5 NFL teams

Light! Camera! Action! It’s not a Hollywood movie set, but a promotional stunt on a high school football field in Scottsdale, Arizona. NFL quarterback Colin Kepernick throws a pass to the backpadal, Seattle Seahawks receiver tie locket, who is standing flat-footed, 10 yards downfield. At the same time, a man with a video camera walks alongside Kepernick, holding a video image of an unwanted NFL free agent, for promotional purposes.

Following Kaepernick’s workout, the video was loaded on his social media, presumably in hopes of attracting an NFL deal. Radical Social Justice fighter has been playing in the NFL for six years, and no team in the league has given Kepernick a sniff, but his coach insists that five teams have questioned his client’s fitness since the video was released.

David Robinson, a coach who has worked with NFL stars such as Daze Bryant and Antonio Brown, told TMZ Sports that NFL teams contacted him for details of Kepernick’s physical fitness.

The TMZ report states:

“David Robinson – a well-known football coach who works with the best in the NFL – says that several NFL teams have contacted him to ask about Colin Kepernick after his recent workout with QB.”

Kaepernick is the man who started the craze by kneeling while performing the national anthem at a sports event in 2016. He later filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging collusion against his signing and settled out of court for millions of dollars. He doesn’t really want to return to the NFL and cut the league’s minimum wage because he makes a lot of money playing the role of a fighter / victim of social justice. Also, he has often spoken ill of the NFL.

Kaepernick’s radical activism has earned him NIKE approval and millions of dollars from ESPN and Netflix documentaries. He also published a book of articles calling for the abolition of police officers. He needs NFL pass racers like Aaron Donald of the Rams, which pushes him to the ground, like he needs a hole in his head.

In an interview with Ebony Magazine last fall, Kepernick said he would not give up because he believed he could still lead another team to the Super Bowl. This is the false perception he wants there, so that when he doesn’t get a chance to play again, the dollar rolls for him as a victim of pariya and racism.

Robinson insisted NFL teams were contacting him “as there appears to be a legitimate interest in taking him to Cuba – after the 34-year-old threw several hours in front of him at an HS in Texas last week.”

Robinson told unnamed NFL teams that Copernicus “certainly has the ability to play on someone’s roster – for example, right now.”

“So, yes. It was nice to see him.”

Copernicus has not lost his “fastball” and still has “a cannon” for one hand, Robinson added.

Kaepernick is touring the country this month (which he hates). Although he has recently worked with Lockett, Copernicus has often been available to cast his coach and is appealing to more professionals to practice with him. His coaches are not exactly above the level of pro star Cooper Coop and Davante Adams.

All those who are accepting this pass are controversial anyway. Because it’s a big publicity stunt, an actor playing the role of a victim of racial injustice. He puts in such big SZW dollars. Light! Action! Camera!

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