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When Minnesota Democrat Sen. Amy Klobucher questioned Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing Tuesday afternoon, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham and Vermont Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy have some similarities in addition to being members. Judicial Committee of the Senate.
Neither of them was in the hearing room However, this did not make them members outside the committee Several senators on the committee did not remain in the room in person to question Kloubacher’s Jackson. Democratic Sense 7 Diane Feinstein of California and Corey Booker of New Jersey were also out of the house. So was Republican Sense. Mike Lee of Utah, Josh Howley of Missouri and Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Other senators on the committee walked out while other colleagues questioned Jackson. Apparently, the senators of the Judicial Committee did not think so. It is important that Jackson hears every word spoken during his confirmation hearing. Their decision.

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