Juan Williams Hunter Biden lied in response to the laptop: ‘Nobody said it’s not true’

At the end Fox News Sunday, Phil-in host Trace Gallagher set up a “quick back and forth” New York Times The emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop are silently acknowledged. Juan Williams irrationally said “no one said it wasn’t true.”

This is clearly a lie. Fox News Running Biden’s 2020 clip On 60 minutes It was a “smear campaign” and a “deception” in the debate with Donald Trump. Biden said it was a “foul play.” Maybe Juan doesn’t see Fox?

Gallagher began: “New York Times Come out and say, hey, it’s valid after all. You know, Facebook was going to do a fact-check. It never did. Twitter, never happened. And you think no one apologized for that. They were wrong across the media, Juan, and nobody said, you know, we ruined it, it wasn’t Russian confusion. “

Williams: No, but I think there’s a bigger context here, what was that about? What does it prove? No one said it was not true. That said, you can’t verify this. And then you had some publications that said, we proved it.

Gallagher: Analysts say that’s not true. Analysts, Intel analysts say they did not – could not prove it. It certainly sounded like a Russian confusion.

Williams: All right, Couldn’t prove it’s key for the organization.

Couldn’t verify it? This is a pretty strange value for liberals and their big tech friends, who have never stopped Brett Cavanaugh’s accusers from making unsubstantiated claims of teenage rape in 2019. The main accused was enthroned.

Howard Kurtz then proposed a rebuttal:

KURTZ: Juan, it’s a complete embarrassment that the media has downplayed or ignored or ridiculed or downplayed this story, New York Times Now says there are active federal investigations into possible tax violations or lobbying violations by the president’s son. And they still don’t cover it. No other network has touched this story.

It’s not – you know, that doesn’t mean Hunter Biden will be charged. It may or may not have political implications for his father. But when you look back at Facebook – for example Twitter said, well, you can’t share that information anymore. New York Post.

Williams: But howie – howie, It was in the midst of a heated political campaign aimed at hurting a candidate after the Russian uprising. I think we were all properly alert.

KURTZ: It was censorship.

Again, many liberals were not “properly alert” to the Trump scandal or the Kavanagh. But it is particularly lame that Hunter Biden’s story needs to be censored because it was too late for a presidential campaign, based on an unsubstantiated claim of Russian confusion. Should there be some month-long news holidays? In almost every modern presidential news cycle, liberals have created an “October surprise” of anti-republican attacks. They were never censored.

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