John Stuart: ‘Problems with white people,’ everyone is like Klansman

In the weeks following Mueller’s report, the media published more or less decent criticism of “bull ***” and “prison-gas” hatred. Problems with Show, John Stuart has ruined goodwill. Dedicated to the next episode of “Problems with White People,” Stuart and the far left guests (who were all white) engaged in a kind of self-flagging to gain merit points, even at the KKK level, by advising all white people to be racist at some level.

Before bringing in the panel, Stuart showed a video Live Saturday night “Comedian” Leslie Jones where he announced “Racism is a spectrum” and the audience asked: “To what degree are you a racist?”

According to this “spectrum”, starting from racism “Leonard Skynard fans” from Skinheads and KKK And “[t]Women who think Megan McCain has been bullied Scene“She wasn’t a bitch, she wasn’t raped.” Jones smiled.

He further advised that if you do not fall into his examples which means you were included The “unconscious bias” section, or as he puts it, “a catch-all for the rest of you.”

At the top of the panel discussion, Chip Gallagher, a professor at La Salle University, warned that “significant numbers of white people” would not judge people by their skin color. “But they do not in any way associate meaning with color in influencing life’s possibilities. And the basic premise is that it doesn’t matter what the race is, “he said.

According to him, that was the danger “[i]It makes white privileges invisible. “ And it makes white people think they’ve actually achieved something in their lives. “[I]It also makes whites think that whatever they do, 50, 100, 200 years ago had nothing to do with their success. He said all seriously.

This nonsense was followed by Lisa Bond of Race 2 Dinner, an organization where whites discuss how whites are racists, who show a truth of self-flag and virtue sign when she says how she was racist and lamented. “White supremacy has worked as well as teaching us whites that racism is bad.”:

And when we talk about racism, we’re talking about the flaws in your character. If we say your racist, it is a characteristic error. I’m bad. And I know I’m not bad. I think I’m a good person, I think I’m a good person. And I know I’m racist. And I know I’m racist because I support racist systems and structures every day.

And if we don’t start a conversation about it and the way we are involved every day, if we don’t talk about it, we will never see movement.

The only meaning of the discussion came from the commentator Andrew Sullivan. “I think it’s probably the most absurd hyperball I’ve ever heard,” he joked. Describing his experience as an immigrant, Bond fit a physical smile, Sullivan praised America:

I’m from here – I’m an immigrant so I have a slightly different view of this. I can tell you, in 2022 America is the most multinational, multicultural, tolerant, diverse melting pot that has ever existed on earth and there is no other place on earth like it. That’s why 6 percent of our immigrants are black. Do you think they want to come to a white hegemonic country?

Since this was not the tone he wanted, Steward put the words in Sullivan’s mouth and the whole discussion began to spiral. This went on for a few minutes and included Stuart’s suggestion that Sullivan was a strict racist.

“It simply came to our notice then. You have the whistleblowers of the racist dog that are actually permanent and permanent and permanent, ”he said. Bond at one point yelled at Sullivan. “It’s one of the reasons we’re not involved with white men at Race2Dinner.” He spoke of his organization.

Now is probably a good time to examine Bond’s organization. According to a profile New York Magazine, Race 2 Dinner Hall “[a] A collection of rich white women, equipped with varying degrees of arrogance and self-delusion … “Although the cost of one of these dinners was not disclosed in the article, they did notice that one of their eight-week seminars cost $ 750 and Bond accepted a dinner” initially Avoid costs “.

“I am 58 years old. I’m not responsible for anyone before me, “Sullivan told Bond, announcing:” I’m shutting you down right now. “

I’m going to do things everyone. We all do it in white. If we say we are extinct, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if we say we are progressive. I don’t think we are literally members of KKK. Every single white person supports this system and structure of white domination. And we have to talk about it.

Outside of the panel discussion, in their high-profile interview section, Stuart spoke separately with Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) and Tim Scott (R-SC). Of course, Stuart gave Booker (4 minutes, 15 seconds) more airtime than Scott (2 minutes, 49 seconds).

One of the contradictions in the panel discussion was Sullivan’s emphasis on education as a vector for improving the conditions of distinct black people and the black community. Well, Stuart’s look when Scott said something similar said it all:

Scott: If you’re looking for a great equalizer, the closest thing to a panacea is education, the closest thing to magic in America. With a good education, almost anything is possible.

Stuart: Is it about white America that this investment actually enriches everyone?

Scott: John, I don’t spend as much time on white vs. black as you.

Stuart: I spend most of my time.

Scott: I can tell. But to me it overcomes the challenges so that everything starts on a level playing field.

To read the relevant part of the transcript, click here.

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