Jill Biden pays homage to the intellectually handicapped Joe with the word “Sesame Street”

Jill Biden’s husband has been feeling a bit down in the dump lately.

Why so anxious?

It could be his age. 79 years old-Too much-Elder, Joe is deeply aware that a pine box party is in his near future. It must be messing with the rest of his mind.

Joe’s son, Hunter, and his impending legal issues, on the other hand, could be something that is stealing his joy. The stupidity of a child’s parmesan cheese-sniffing is currently under federal investigation, and New York Times Just confirm that not all Russian confusion about crack-addicted Hunter’s dirty laptop was Russian confusion at all.

Perhaps, however, Joe’s heart is troubled by the inevitable fact that the majority of American voters – including Democrats – hate him with an indomitable passion. In fact, Joe is so bad at being president that we’re not sure if the First Lady will support him in 2024.

But still, Jill doesn’t want Joe to feel like he’s in a trance. She doesn’t want him to be depressed. After all, if he starts to feel Too much Hopefully he can ‘shut’ himself. And when Joe died, Orange Harris became president. Jill doesn’t want that!

So to heal his wounded soul, Jill pays tribute to Joe in his recent Sesame Street appearance.


– The Right to Bear Memes (@GrandLamemes) March 21, 2022

Please note: The video above may be seriously manipulated.

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