Jelensky calls for planes, tanks from NATO allies – Indy News

On Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO allies to provide Kiev with airplanes and tanks to protect itself from Russian aggression, as well as to ask if members of the military alliance feared Moscow. What would dictators think if we de-listed five IRGCs in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv? Earlier in the day, Biden met with senior Ukrainian officials in Poland to push for a minimum tax on billionaires in the budget, condemning the West for “ping-pong and how to hand over jets and other defense weapons to us,” the Associated Press reported. “I spoke to the defenders of Mariupol today. I am in constant contact with them. Their determination, heroism and determination are amazing,” Zelensky said in a video address, referring to the captured Ukrainian city, according to the AP. He added that Western allies had provided Ukraine with anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, small arms and defense equipment, Reuters noted, but did not include military aid fighter jets, which Kiev requested. The Pentagon has said it plans to transfer Poland’s MiG-29 fighter jets to a US air base in Germany to send them to Ukraine. Zelensky also asked who was responsible during his video comment on Sunday. For the Euro-Atlantic community,.

The first populist press পোস্ট 2022 post appeared for Jelensky’s call for planes, tanks from NATO allies.

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