In front of Thursday New York Times Biden covers the last day of questioning for the Supreme Court nominee and further condemns the Republicans: “Ketanji Brown Jackson is surviving on the day of the final blow to the questions.”

At first, however, journalists Carl Hulls and Jonathan Weizmann were fascinated by the liberal nominee.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared two days before his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that his record had left Democrats in the face of a growing situation of Republican onslaught. She is confident that she will be the first black woman in the Supreme Court.

Ironically, Bar Get angry when Jackson is asked to define “woman” at the hearing, as shown later.

Wednesday’s hearing deteriorated as Republican senators repeatedly attacked Judge Jackson. After spending most of the day on Tuesday, the child peppered him with similar questions about his decision to punish him for sexual abuse.

The online headline in the story of Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptok on Thursday was ironic: “Sure hearing, once focused on the law, is now immersed in politics.” Tell that to Justice Kavanagh.

A senator asked President Biden’s Supreme Court-appointed judge Ketanji Brown Jackson how pious he was on a “scale of 1 to 10”. Another asked her to define the word “woman”. A third wanted to know if the children were racist.

Funny. Is Liptack actually mocking the notion that children can be racist? This could infuriate Abram X Candy, who wrote the children’s book Anti-apartheid children, Sen. Ted Cruz mentioned when questioning Jackson. Jackson’s bizarre opinion is respected Bar.

This week the question is different and marked by the rise of partisan warfare, with Republicans using the opportunity to present conservative accusations to push for a midterm election, including opposition to critical race theory and transgender women in sports.

Bar Journalists watching Jackson live on the third and final day of the committee’s interrogation were defensive to him and insulting to Republican questions. (Less than four years after Brett Kavanagh’s trial.)

Glenn Thrush wrote on Wednesday evening:

White House Judge Jackson’s aides believe he pushed the Republicans to attack without much damage. They are passing around a Gallup vote that shows him sky-high public support. But the lasting image of the day will be a legacy of Republican senators giving speeches and barring a lawyer who probably won’t have to comply with such barriers if he gets his next job.

Charlie Savage brought a heavy gun to his defense on Wednesday:

Senator Blackburn goes back to the various quotes he used as ammunition to blow up Judge Jackson, often taking them out of context to present them in dark light. Here’s an article about that. And here’s another.

The Bar Judge Jackson refused to define what a woman was (despite all of Jackson’s press praise as the first black woman to be nominated by the Supreme Court). While reporter Jonathan Weissman’s adoption focused on Republican “anger,” Jackson did not shy away from a basic biology question.

… .Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, adds another social issue to the list of cultural grievances.


Since he and other judicial nominees before him have worked regularly, Judge Jackson has avoided the question outside of his role on the bench, saying “I am not a biologist

Weizmann said: “It simply came to our notice then.

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