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Just what we don’t need. Another tumultuous renovation in the US Senate.

John McCain-Proteas Mike Durant, who is running for the U.S. Senate from Alabama, is refusing to join President Donald Trump, calling for the resignation of Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader.

Asked at a recent local Republican party meeting in Alabama whether he would vote for McConnell as leader, Durant responded, “Well, he’s been running unopposed since 2008.”

“No one is running against him,” Durant added. “So, if someone doesn’t run against it, it’s pretty hard not to.”

Durant’s campaign has a strong connection to McConnell. Durant’s spokesman, John Wilcox, a consultant in Washington, D.C., listed McConnell as a former employer on his website. Wilcox had previously tweeted that he was “#NeverTrump” and called Trump a “clown show”.

Gateway pundits previously outlined Durant’s support for the title “More Perfect Union” from Never-Trump and liberal political forces.

Fox Business reports that Durant’s candidacy is being funded by donors from Super PAC McConnell, Joe Biden, Orange Harris and Mitt Romney. The outlet further stated that More Perfect Union had hired Durant on the run and formed his campaign team before closing the communication to form a Super PAC.

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