“It’s about keeping Trump in prison – and it won’t stop there” (AUDIO)

Stuart Rhodes Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of founders and leaders, current and former military, police and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath of allegiance to the Constitution against all military and police “enemies, foreign and domestic enemies”.

For several years, Othkipers have been a major target of the federal government’s intelligence community.

Rhodes was jailed by his government in January of this year for their ongoing January 6 political investigation and persecution. He was jailed for a full year after being transferred from his Plano, Texas holding cell to the Northeast Oklahoma Simeron Prison and Correctional Facility after a Jan. 6 protest in Rhodes, Washington, D.C., earlier this month. Simeron Hall is a medium-security facility in Cushing, Oklahoma

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Radical Obama-appointed Judge Amit Mehta has ordered that Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keeper, be remanded in custody pending trial in February-July. It is more government abuse. Rhodes did not enter the US Capitol. He did not order anyone to enter the US Capitol and did not commit any crime during or before the protest.

Judge Mehta is a donor to Obama. In our country today, like many other fierce Democrat judges, Mehta has a deep hatred for Trump and his supporters.

Stuart Rhodes has been charged with “conspiracy to commit treason.” It’s completely ridiculous and the court knows it. The Oath Keepers traveled to Washington DC on January 5-6 to provide conservative speakers and security for events.

Earlier this week, Stuart Rhodes phoned Jim Huff, founder of The Gateway Pundit, from the Simran Prison in Oklahoma.

Stuart gave us an update on his situation and the court case. He also warned President Trump that he was next.

Stuart Rhodes: Their gameplan from day one was to get Trump. And now they are climbing the stairs. They’re making evidence, taking people, forcing people to take the application deal, as they did with Josh James, an Othkeeper, forcing them to “test lies,” to make things happen. Ladder to get to Trump. That’s what they’re doing … Sidney Powell wrote a book called “License to Lie” about how all this is done … it’s about keeping Trump in prison. And it won’t stop there.

It was always about Trump.

Will the American people allow this to happen? You can be sure that this will be the end of our republic and independence because we know it. The Democrats are on a mission.

** Please donate to the Stuart Rhodes Legal Defense Fund here if you can.

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