It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

(Beijing, China) – Chinese media began posting details of the call a few hours ago, while it was running, a strategy they recently adopted before the White House issued its own readout in the hope of shaping public opinion. That readout is now available. It’s not very encouraging.

I think it was foolish to expect a breakthrough today where Xi had officially kept some distance between China and Russia over Ukraine, not to mention the sudden turn against Russia in the Chinese media. The call was preceded by an opportunity to threaten sanctions on Biden if China agrees to Russia’s request for military and economic assistance. In this situation, it would be unrealistic to expect a sudden rebate from Shir. It would have been weak to do so. Maybe in the coming weeks he will quietly give those discounts? A boy can dream.

It took the White House four hours to create this readout of Biden’s call w / Xi (when Shir’s party was there for hours)
– JK Miller (@ZekeJMiller) March 18, 2022

China’s call readout focuses on Taiwan before relocating to Ukraine. What a bit.

The post does not appear that Biden changed his mind about Russia during their phone call. The first populist press appeared in 22 2022.

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