Issues and Insights condemn Google for ‘totalitarian’ censorship: report

Free market website Issues & Insights reports that Google censored an article, claiming that the publication harmed the US electoral process.

Is it merely a crime to observe reality under the Biden Presidency?

Free market commentary website Issues & Insights reports in a blog that they received a notice from Google’s AdSense ad network that one of their articles violated the platform’s policy. The article further claims that Google “will not allow any ads on their network to appear in that article until we have ‘resolved’ the breach.” Me and I stated that Google had reportedly flagged its content for “unreliable and malicious information”.

Me and I went on to condemn Google and ridicule it for the former slogan “Don’t be evil” with some of the most serious terms possible: “You’ve taken another step towards acting like an omnipotent dictator. The motto you used to parade around. Remind us again. Will it be bad? Be like Stalin? Help us here, “he and I wrote.

The questionable I&I article covers an election survey, not specifically the alleged problem.

‚ÄúThis new article is not about climate change. It wasn’t about Kovid. It was not about election fraud. It was not about the January 8 riots. It was not a controversial issue, “I&I reported. “It simply came to our notice then An article about the results of our own monthly I&I / TIPP pollWhich asked registered voters, “Who do you want to see as president in 2024?”

I and Google have reviewed the Terms of Service explaining the three major breaches of the search engine restriction:

“We do not allow content that:

  • Claims that are directly false and could significantly undermine trust or participation in an electoral or democratic process.
  • Harms harmful health claims or relates to current, major health crises and opposes authentic scientific consensus.
  • Opposes authentic scientific consensus on climate change. “

After dismissing other reasons, me and I came to a terrible conclusion as to why their poll article was reprinted.

“Since there was nothing ‘blatantly false’ in the article, this leaves the allegation that the article could ‘significantly undermine confidence or participation in the electoral or democratic process,'” I&I reported. It further warns that such a standard “is so vague that it may justify monetization.” Something literal“To add to the annoyance, me and I said that Google has confirmed that censorship was not wrong.

“When we asked Google to review its decision, they rejected our request,” I wrote. “Which means the ‘breach’ wasn’t just the result of an algorithm crashing.”

I and I theorized that “[t]He can only conclude that Google is no longer attacking the content for any other reason because it does not like the information reported. “

Conservatives are being attacked. (650) Contact Google at 253-0000 Claim that the platform reflects the First Amendment while providing transparency and equal treatment for conservatives. If you have been censored, please contact us at the Media Research Center Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.

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