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Wednesday May 25, 2022

Inquiry into ballot collection in swing state progress after State Election Board 7

Georgia’s investigation into allegations of mass ballot stuffing during the 2020 election cycle could now move forward after the State Election Board approved Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s subpoena.

The subplot will allow Raffensperger’s office to begin gathering evidence and testimony that an ongoing investigation is under way into whether third-party liberal activists illegally collected thousands of absentee ballots in the November general election and the ensuing run-off election. The U.S. Senate determines democratic control, Just The News reported Monday.

The outlet further notes:

The vote was a major victory for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who in January announced an investigation into the alleged ballot stuffing and asked Subpona authorities to assist in the investigation.

The subpona power would allow Raffensperger’s team to secure evidence about a whistleblower who complained to an electoral integrity group that he had participated in a large-scale ballot-collecting operation where workers were paid $ 10 for each ballot they received.

Georgia law explicitly prohibits third parties from collecting, collecting or distributing missing ballots, except in the case of immediate relatives.

“A vote on whether to issue a subpona was delayed for a few weeks because the election board could not decide who would be its new chairperson. However, the board unanimously elected member Matthew Mashburn to a meeting last week to serve as interim chairman. Later, the board voted in favor of the subpona during a closed-door session, “Just The News reported.

“All the board members are here,” Mashburn said after leaving the closed-door session. ‚ÄúThere is a quorum in order. We went to the executive session to discuss pending and potential litigation and to approve case no. Subpona for the board. 2020-10-Dougherty County and 2022-003 ballot collection. “

Officials told the outlet that Raffensperger’s office would use its new subpona authority to secure records and evidence from an electoral integrity agency called True the Vote.

The group filed a lawsuit against the state in November for releasing videos, a confession from a whistleblower, and cell phone location records revealing that the group was conducting a massive ballot-gathering campaign before the November 2020 election and a runoff for the U.S. Senate. At January 2021.

In their complaint, the group said it had received video footage of ballot smugglers bringing a pile of ballots to a dropbox between midnight and 5am.

The agency also noted that a whistleblower who agreed to co-operate in the investigation and who has been named “John Doe” stated that he was paid $ 10 per ballot collected and distributed, adding that many more people were involved. Was.

“John Doe has described a network of non-governmental organizations that have worked together to facilitate ballot-smuggling schemes in Georgia,” True The Vote alleged. “John Doe claims to be one of the many people who paid to collect and distribute the missing ballots during the early voting in the November 2020 general election and the January 2021 runoff election.”

In 2019, Raffensperger led an effort to see state law updated to explicitly ban ballot collection. He told the outlet earlier this month that investigators in his office wanted to identify and secure the identity of the whistleblower and then pursue the money to find out who financed the operation.

“We need to get a subpona for that John Doe friend,” Raffensperger said. “Was he paid? How much was he paid? And then who paid him. And we’re going to follow the money, and we’re going to get it down. And if we find any element in it, we’ll judge.”

Just the News added: “State law currently only allows ballot smugglers to be tried, and does not cancel ballots for voters who are legally registered to vote but gives their ballots to third parties.” Some state officials have told Just the News that they are personally negotiating with the Georgia legislature to create fines for voters who submit their ballots to third parties. “

Post of investigation into ballot collection in Swing State after State Election Board approved subpona

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