IMPD officer faces charges after using excessive force investigation – Indy

INDIANPOLIS (WILL) – A third-year officer of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is being charged with misconduct while responding to a reported theft of progress last month, the department announced Monday.

Travis Lewis is facing a criminal count of two counts of battery misconduct, including official misconduct and physical injury. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office filed the complaint Monday, the IMPD said.

On February 10, Lewis East was arrested for a burglary in the 8200 block of 21st Street.

According to court documents, Lewis and other officers determined that no theft occurred after arriving at the location.

Officers confronted a man with a “falsely confirmed” defensive order that barred him from being in position. The IMPD says the defense order has been shown to be active, leading officials to arrest the man for invading privacy.

However, according to the IMPD, the order should have been invalid if the related case had been dismissed.

Three days after the incident, an official complaint was lodged by another officer at the scene that Lewis had thrown the man on the asphalt while he was in handcuffs and had placed his hand on the man’s genitals before the man complained of pain.

Lewis’s body-warning camera footage was found to be “consistent” with the allegations.

The man was taken to Sydney and Lois Escanazi hospitals with “high levels of arousal” and visible injuries to his head, in addition to allegations of pain in his genital area. There are currently no charges against him.

Lewis has been fired without pay and a recommendation for termination has been sent to the IMPD Civilian Police Merit Board.

Online court records still do not list a preliminary court appearance for Lewis.

The IMPD says a face shot was not available for Lewis because he was not booked

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