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Actor Sean Penn traveled to CNN’s “Newsroom” with renowned hack reporter Jim Acosta and called for a boycott of the Academy Awards unless he invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to speak.

Acosta said, “Oscar tomorrow night. Would you like to see President Zhelensky’s speech at the Oscars via some kind of video link? How do you feel about the event, how to recognize what is happening in Ukraine? What would you say, I guess, if you were on stage? “

Penn says: “There is nothing bigger than an Academy Award for giving us all the opportunity to speak. The decision not to do this is understandable to me. I’m not commenting on whether President Zelensky wanted to.

“If the academy chooses not to do this, if the presenters choose not to follow the lead of Ukraine who are taking bullets and bombs for us with the Ukrainian children they are trying to protect.

“Then I think every single one of those people and every part of that decision will be the most obscene moment in the history of Hollywood.

“And I hope that’s not what’s happening.

“If this proves to be the case, I would encourage everyone involved, and I know that while this may be the moment to celebrate their film, it is, more importantly, the moment for them to shine and protest and boycott.” That Academy Award.

“I myself, if it comes back when I come back, I will get my scent in public.

“I pray that this does not happen.

“I pray that there are no arrogant people who consider themselves to be the better representatives of my industry who have not decided to check with the Ukrainian leadership.

“So I’m going to hope that this is not what happened, and I hope that if it happened everyone,” he said.

ICYMI: Actor Sean Penn says Oscar should be boycotted if the show’s planners decide to keep Zelenski out of the program. pic.twitter.com/4LI2YIiKcD

িমJim Acosta (Acosta) March 26, 2022

Sean Penn called for an Oscar boycott and publicly promised to melt his statue if Zelensky was not allowed to speak at the event. pic.twitter.com/Jfpdx9idIE

– Nexta (nexta_tv) March 27, 2022

Hollywood actor and director Shaun Penn has called on the American people to help Ukraine. He told a news conference in Krakow, Poland, that if the United States did not support Ukraine, it would lose its values ​​and its flag. pic.twitter.com/8U9bugeIUc

– Reuters (Reuters) March 24, 2022

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