“I have no confirmation of the accuracy of that report” – Indy News

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie was shocked when New York Post reporter Steven Nelson grilled her about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Russia. He replied with a DC spin that he had no confirmation about the reporting but Nelson did not buy it.

Nelson said: “I have received a quick explanation and two questions about the conflict of interest of the President on foreign affairs. The first brief explanation is this: The New York Times reported this week that the first son is under criminal investigation. Does the president still want to stay away from that case?

Pasaki: “Yes. It’s the judiciary, and I’ll direct you to them.” Nelson says: “And I have two questions about the conflict of interest in foreign affairs. First, I have a question about Russia and then China.

“On Russia: You told me last year that you were unfamiliar with a Senate report alleging that a company affiliated with First Year – or First Year – received $ 3.5 million from Russia’s richest woman.

“Subsequent reports indicate that President Biden had dinner with the same woman in Georgetown in 2015, when he was vice president.

“Hey, Yelena Baturina, the US government has not yet approved her. How is President Biden navigating the conflict of interest in approving people who have done business with his family? And can you explain to us what this 3.5 3.5 million is for?

PSAKI: “I have no confirmation of the accuracy of that report, so I have no further details.

But Nelson holds it.

Q. But he did not approve, though.

PSAKI: Go ahead.

The question he did, though, was not approved. He has –

PSAKI: Thank you. Go ahead.

Question I now have a question about Russia. My –

Pisaki: I think we’re moving forward because we need to reach more people.

Q I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We can hold on.

PSAKI: Go ahead.

My question about the conflict of interest when it comes to China is: Last year, the first son’s attorney said he was cut off from a Chinese investment fund controlled by a Chinese state-owned entity.

We also don’t have basic clarity about who bought his partnership, when it happened and how much money changed hands.

Did he really divest? And if so, can you agree on the basic transparency?

Pasaki: He is a private citizen. He does not work for the government. I will direct you to its representatives.


The question, however, is whether there is a conflict of interest for his father’s role as president, to deal with China.

Pisaki: I think we ended up here. Thank you very much.

Grilled the post about Jane Saki Hunter Biden’s behavior, adding: “I have no confirmation of the accuracy of that report.”

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