‘I am voidable’ ‘because I don’t give AF * ck’ – as a crowd roarse piece

We live in a punitive era where public figures have been insulted by the media, targeted by thoughtful police and fired from their jobs with a stigmatized reputation for denying leftist political correctness.

But rock star Kid Rock, who is on tour and who has criticized Joe Biden for his new song, claims he is not disturbed by the relentless attack on freedom of speech.

In an interview aired Monday night, FNC’s Tucker Carlson asked the recording artist, “Why weren’t you fired?”

“People are not allowed to say what they think. You, “said Carlson.

“Because I don’t give AF * ck,” Kid Rock counters. “I’m not in bed at the end of the day with any big corporate stuff. There is no one I see – no record company, no corporate interest, nothing. You can’t cancel me. I like it when they try. “

Legendary Kid Rock rarely sits down with money for one interview after another. And there is nothing outside the table. You can watch part of the interesting discussion Monday at 8pm ET on Tucker Carlson on Fox News. pic.twitter.com/5ZU9rIb5Vj

– Tucker Carlson (@ Tucker Carlson) March 19, 2022

In his new song “We the People”, Kid Rock denounces the illegitimate president and COVID 1984 atrocities.


“We’re human, let’s go, Brandon,” the Michigan musician announced in song. “Wear your mask, take your pill, now the whole generation is mentally ill. But Kovid is close. It’s coming to town. We have to act fast, we have to close the border Joe Biden, the media embraces. Big Dawn does it and they call him a racist.

The song concludes, “If you are down with love and want to make things better, all we have to do is come together, deal with the storm and take my hand. Then follow my lead in the Promised Land. Because we are the people, we have to be united. “

After an interview recorded Saturday, Carlson and Kid Rock were spotted hanging out at the Rockers Bar at Nashville’s KR’s Big Ass Hunky Tonk restaurant.

“We were told the money was taken to the VIP” Cadillac P *** Y Room “and eventually to a musical showdown downstairs from an upper deck area where he and Kid were cutting it and enjoying some drinks,” TMZ reports. Eyewitnesses even say that Kid at one point woke Mike up and announced that Money was at home, where the audience roared and shouted “USA”.

Post Kid Rock: ‘I Am Canceling’ ‘Because I Don’t Give AFC’ – Crowd Roars first appeared on The Gateway Pundit to hear Tucker Carlson yell at the concert.

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