I am touching the letter of thanks to our readers from the political prisoner in DC Gitmo!

Dear Gateway Scholar Reader,

Towards the end of January 2022 I was locked up for almost a whole year. I sat in my cell in solitary confinement for 22 hours every day. All I know is that the mainstream media lies about me and tarnishes my character since I was imprisoned on January 6 in DC Jail. The outside world has brainwashed me to hate me and the prison administration is happy to torture me in a lonely, heartless and violent way.

In this desperate and spiritually exhausting moment of my life, I started receiving thousands of Christmas cards and postmarked letters from the end of December. I read them all, but I can’t read them fast enough. I am immersed in love and prayer. Ha ha ha. Thanks to Jim Huff and the amazing Gateway Pundit readers, I shuddered in love. Jim Huff is a great patriot. I admire him and I admire his dedication to truth and light. Working with Jim, Cara Castronova and the inspiring Kelly Wilde to get Jan 6’s story published is a great honor in my life. By getting the January 6ers letters to the public and allowing great readers of Gateway Pundit to contribute to our legal funds, Jim has given Americans across the country hope for the betterment of our citizens. Jim Huff is a great man. I look forward to one day of his kindness.

We all heard about Jan. 6er, Matthew Parna, who recently tragically committed suicide. It hurts our patriotic brothers very much. It is a wake-up call for all of us. Personally it wakes me up to the sad realization that frustration and despair are always present and strong. Matthew Parna was a good, polite man. He was a positive and productive American. He has helped people all over the world. But there is no mercy for Trump supporters in the mainstream media and DJs. They have destroyed him with lies and hatred. Now he’s dead and they still don’t care. Good Americans care. I pray for her and her family. #ImmMathy

I pray that you all remember Matthew Parna, as you remember our political prisoners. Most of us regular boys get involved in something bigger than ourselves. We stand up against bigotry and hatred and we love our neighbors. I pray that our religious movement will continue to eradicate evil and corruption in every corner. Knowing that truth and light are on our side, we should always be able to hold our heads high, but it takes courage.

In the immortal words of Thomas Payne, “It is the duty of every human being, as far as his power is concerned, to identify and expose illusions and errors. But nature did not give everyone a talent for purpose; And those who are given such talents often lack temperament or courage. “

God bless you Jim and God bless the Gateway Scholar readers. Thank you for all the love and support. Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for forgetting us. You have touched my heart and soul. I pray for America every day. There is still hope for good Americans like you.

Courage and honor,
John Genaro Melis
Prisoner # 376907

* Please help Jonathan Melis and send prayers here.

Jonathan Melis when he was a free man, before being imprisoned as a political prisoner in DC Gitmo.

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