I am the father of 3 Ukrainian children. Putin is robbing orphans in Ukraine

Posted: March 23, 2022 12:01 AM

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The nation of Ukraine is spread in today’s headlines. It is slightly smaller than the state of Texas, but has gained much geopolitical significance in recent days due to its invasion by Vladimir Putin-controlled Russia. But for me, the invasion of Ukraine is not just an interesting topic in today’s news My family home away from this distant race home. You see, my wife Dennis and I have brought our three children home from Ukraine through international adoption. I have been blessed to teach and support countless church-planters within the borders of Ukraine for the better part of the last 20 years. As a family, we have seen the Church of Ukraine grow up and begin to address the orphan crisis within its own borders. Sadly, things seem to be changing for the better because of Russia’s aggression – and orphans are likely to suffer the most. The demand for Ukrainian orphans is already exceptional. 80-90% of Ukrainian orphans are “social orphans”. These social orphans are children whose parents are alive but unwilling or unable to care for them. Unlike my kids, whose parents have died or died.

The post I am the father of 3 Ukrainian children. Putin snatches hope for a better life for orphans in Ukraine The first populist press to appear in 2022.

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