Hunter’s laptop was real in recognition of “The Times” – a special report

The first and only swamp prince action figure is now available.

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The first and only swamp prince action figure is now available But the amount is limited.

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This past week the New York Times finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop was indeed legitimate. It was not Russian confusion, it was real. We knew this and reported some of the many secrets found on laptops by the end of October 2020. In a report, we reported on Hunter’s escape with Russian women and the possible blackmail that followed.

Breaking Exclusive: Hunter Biden’s “Russian Blackmail Photo” Revealed – Hunters with Russians in Hollywood

Now Biden wants the United States to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. You just can’t make this thing up.

In response, today we are offering a statue of the Swamp Prince to commemorate the Times by acknowledging the Hunter laptop to be true. Swamp Prince is the most powerful DC influential god that money can buy.

Because of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, our leading university crime families (e.g., Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Clinton, Romney, to name a few) have lost access to their billions of dollars of kickbacks and bribes and have been forced to work from them. Own savings account. This financial tragedy has threatened their local Ukrainian political supporters as they are now fleeing the country with cash-filled suitcases.

Now with NYT confirming that Hunter’s laptop was genuine and not Russian misinformation, Biden could end up with a beach house worth less than a few billion dollars in their name.

Get yours here now.

In recognition of the post, “The Times” reported that Hunter’s laptop was real – a special statue commemorating Hunter’s most iconic laptop picture first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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