Hunter Biden’s wife vacationing in Epanema, Brazil with six secret services

Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden’s two-year-old wife, has decided to move to Epanema Beach, Brazil this week for a little R&R.

The young mother, traveling alone, took some time for me at the beach and splashed into the surf with her six tax-payer-financing security guards.

As the rest of the country struggles to finish under Joe Biden’s record inflation, the Biden family is taking private vacation off the coast of South America.

We can all feel good about that.

Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen enjoys water on a beach in Brazil

– Teresa W (@ Teresa W23242428) March 25, 2022

Here he is on the beach this week.

Nora’s # Jobiden Ipanema beach is photographed! Come and see!

– CARAS Brasil (aracarasbrasil) March 23, 2022

The Daily Mail reports:

Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, was seen swimming on a beach in Brazil when her husband faced a grand jury investigation into his vague financial and business dealings thousands of miles away. on Wednesday spotted a 35-year-old man flaunting his toned body in a short bikini on Rio de Janeiro’s famous Ipanema beach.

One’s mother was seen enjoying the waves alone in her yellow top and navy blue-patterned bottom, but several secret service agents were always around, costing U.S. taxpayers thousands.

Melissa, born in South Africa, is in the city for the benefit of the LGBTQ + community, orphans, indigenous children and victims of trafficking and abuse, the Orphan Starfish Foundation. He was the guest of honor at the ceremony on Thursday night.

Melissa is traveling with six SUVs, a heavy contingent of six Secret Service agents, and seven Brazilian federal officers are seen escorting her.

Hunter Biden says meeting his future wife Melissa Cohen on a blind date was a “miracle”. They had an instant connection. She credits him for helping her overcome her cracking addiction.

– CBS Mornings (BSCBSMornings) April 5, 2021

Highlights from the Daily Mail

Post Hunter Biden’s wife is vacationing on Ipanema Beach in Brazil with six Secret Service agents first appearing at The Gateway Pundit for Tow-in-Town Orphan Starfish Benefit.

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