Hunter Biden was accessing the Department of Defense system and his government

CD Media has published another great reading, this time about Hunter Biden Laptop. This relates to our reporting in early October 2020.

CD Media Report:

Hunter Biden’s infamous ‘Laptop from Hell’ contains many of the US Department of Defense’s ‘Root Encryption Certificates’ or encryption keys for DoD databases. Keys have unusually long expiration dates, many lasting twenty years or more.

The information was discovered during an in-depth forensic investigation conducted by Jack Maxi and his team in Switzerland over the past few weeks.

This situation raises multiple questions, e.g.

Why did Hunter Biden have a large number of Defense Department encryption codes to allow access to national security data?

Did Hunter Biden give anyone else access to this information?

Who gave the codes to Hunter Biden?

Why do codes have long-term expiration dates, when the common practice is to give a user only his ‘need to know’ or job time, which is usually given for a maximum of 2-3 years?

This report coincides with our report on October 27, 2020, where we mentioned Hunter’s relationship with the Russians.

Breaking Exclusive: Hunter Biden’s “Russian Blackmail Photo” Revealed – Hunters with Russians in Hollywood

A related post on Illustrated Primer from November 3, 2020, shared most of what was in our report and is not in our report on TGP with an additional image. This figure (No. 8) provides an example of Hunter’s access to the official system.

Figure 8: Sample screenshot showing Hunter accessing secure content. Her password was the name of her favorite people’s clothing store in Beverly Hills. Hunter kept his passwords and other classified and sensitive information in unprotected notes and text files on multiple devices.

How much damage has the Biden family done to America?

The post was exclusive: Hunter Biden was accessing Defense Department systems and his official password was Beverly Hills men’s clothing store first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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