How Biden is talking about inflation from both sides of his mouth – Indy News

Whatever Joe Biden tries to do to remove the blame from him and his administration for the growing threat of inflation, it will hold him like a child in a political trap where the president has no way to eliminate himself. Biden and the fierce Democrats blame the oil companies for the high gas prices, the grocery stores for the high food prices, and the clothing stores for the high clothing prices – instead he and the Democrats have pursued policies that have made those high prices inevitable.
Even when Biden actually has the opportunity to do something to reduce costs, he chooses to enrich his union friends instead of giving Americans a break.
Congress recently passed a বিল 1 trillion infrastructure bill to fix roads and bridges and provide unnecessary funding to improve broadband Internet. But almost all of the $ 500 billion construction projects approved by the bill will fall under the government’s Davis-Bacon rule – a new deal-era rule that forces federal construction projects to pay “conventional wages.”
Until 1982, the “conventional wage” was subject to the “30 percent rule” which meant that for any given area, the conventional wage would be based on the maximum wage in that area, unless they were paid at least 30 percent. Workers
Naturally, this means “Pravai.”

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