Hispanic media silence impending immigrant tsunami

As the media focuses on the Russian aggression in Ukraine, another attack on our own border is about to take place under a blanket of silence from the White House, according to a Telemundo report pointing to the imminent cancellation of Title 42. President Trump’s rule allowed the federal government to expel immigrants in the interests of public health during the epidemic.

Of the Spanish-language networks, only Telemundo, and CNN en Espanol, to a lesser extent, have downplayed the threat to national security. The following video from Telemundo in the evening quoted an Axis report as saying that biden officials feared there would be a “massive influx of immigrants” if the Covid policies were discontinued. However, when DC Senior Correspondent Christina Londono asked the government to confirm the existence of an emergency plan to deal with the possible mass influx of migrants at the border, she received no response.

Telemundo News at night


Johanna Suarez: With the omission of Title 42, there is a risk of massive influx of migrants to the southern border, a rule that allows asylum seekers to be denied entry. The United States is already preparing buses and tents to deal with the influx of migrants, the report said. Christina Londono extends us.

Christina London: With more than 170,000 migrants on the rise, the Biden administration is making extraordinary preparations, according to the Axis agency. Because when they remove the title 42 they are greatly afraid of emigration With which former President Donald Trump closed the border at the height of the epidemic.


We went to the government To ensure the existence of this contingency plan in case of massive influx of migrants at the border, but they did not answer us.


It is estimated that more than 25,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico for the border to reopen.

It doesn’t look good. When the media covers the uncomfortable news of the next wave of migrants ready to come to our borders for asylum, 25,000 are already waiting to cross from Uncle Sam in Mexico; Just behind them are another 170,000 who will eventually be transported to various locations in the United States.

What Telemundo did not say is that the law empowers disease control and prevention centers to determine whether a contagious disease in a foreign country poses a serious risk of spreading to the United States, whether people or their belongings enter the country. As a result, once the epidemic is over, it is reasonable that the CDC should lift the measure.

Instead of silence, the White House and the Hispanic media – so vocal about border security in other countries – should address a national threat to the public, including bus use, rather than create a “contingency plan” in the dark with other agencies. And planes to relocate immigrants and get it, building new tents for their stay (formerly called “cages” under Trump).

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