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A byproduct of one side, one view Democrat rule in New York City is suffocating the essential freedom that is needed for the development of art and artists. Life in New York City has become less interesting.

The Big Apple was where the first breath of innovation was. Now, this is where it has its last breath. New York City has not only nurtured indigenous artists, but artists from all over the world have come here to demand an environment conducive to freedom of expression.

Now, transplants repeat the refrain, “It’s like the 80’s.” But 2022 in New York City is not the same as 1980, although comparative crime statistics (so far this year, all of Manhattan have had 22 princit up and major offenses have increased by 50.47%). We are missing the other end of the spectrum on the pretext of deficit. Twenty-year-olds who came to Manhattan to embrace the idea that it was like sex in the city realized it was like a death wish. Glam, model, power, and growth are gone. Now, we have ugliness, obesity, hatches and armed stools.

What usually happened to the fearless builders in the face of change? What happened to the counter culture? Where is the buzz around Fashion Week? Broadway theaters are small, spaced, masked and suddenly non-alcoholic. Even our museums are on their knees. The Museum of Natural History has removed a statue of Theodore Roosevelt, without which there would be no museum of natural history. Others, such as Metropolitan, Moma and Guggenheim, have closed for most epidemics only to reopen to ban those who have not been vaccinated.

People are terrified of the left’s intrusion on all aspects of freedom – speech, entertainment, social media, recruitment and entertainment.

So much has happened in two years – enough material for creatives.

Kovid spread all over the world. The American blue states and cities, especially New York City, have responded with orders to trample on independence. Manhattan, a traditionally secure and affluent area where industrial development flourished, was beset by horrific acts of vandalism, assault, arson, and looting. The high-end stores on Madison Avenue are either boarded or open, a destination for shoppers. Soho, formerly the Mecca of artists, burns in oblivion. The village of Greenwich, home to galleries and universities, is now a web of scaffolding and restaurant bushes on the permanent sidewalk that has doubled as a site for heroin injections.

We are in the spike of a crime that the leftist majority encourages through rhetoric and policy. Awareness policy infects every single organization. The school has basically become a grooming station where the core curriculum has been abandoned because it is racist. Instead, there is a wide range of classes and lectures ranging from nurturing racism and hormone blockers to toxic masculinity, and revising American history.

Canceled culture is celebrated. Authors and books such as Dr. Seuss, To Kill a Mockingbird, Shakespeare (because they are racist) and Dostoevsky (because he is Russian) are banned. Visual arts are stymied; At a time when New York City’s elite schools are obsessed with color, how can emerging artists dare to paint? Comedians are not funny because they are afraid of being offended. Period fragments and historical accounts must be corrected. Entertainment is monitored and removed; If you think it’s bad to tear Joe Rogan apart, imagine that people and ideas have been erased that we don’t know.

Now is the time to rise from the ashes of the phoenix. But it’s just the opposite. Social justice determines police creativity. Without adequate gay, black, transgender, and social justice messages, films may not receive funding or be eligible for awards.

In the 1980s, New York City Did We also have Giuliani. We had the police, a strong economy, an education system still somewhat intact, and other features of mobility. Residents clapped to stay in Manhattan and we maintained the largest tourist destination in the world. What we had was the basis of an artistic revolution. MTV was founded in 1981! We had Madonna and Beastie Boys. Remember the music? We had the groundbreaking fashion moment of Mark Jacobs who led a movement, grunge. It was born out of a lifestyle that also gave way to a new word in music. A wide range of visual art scenes emerged, with names such as Basquette, Richard Prince, Keith Harring, De Kuning, and Kuns. There was an exploding nightlife scene; Tunnels, areas, dansteria and limelight.

Since 2020, it’s not just the industry that has stagnated. This means that the industry is no longer an industry – qualifications and standards have been completely removed. Wakeism is the only element and critics of social justice are arbitrators. Industry dies without freedom.

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