Hey Newsguard, does your CEO Steve Brill still think Hunter Biden’s laptop is a

Newsguard CEO Steven Brill dismisses himself as a completely biased follower New York Times Confirmation of the existence of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop email.

New York Times Recently confirmed that what conservatives already knew – Hunter Biden laptop emails were legitimate. Times Emails found on the computer have been tied to a federal investigation, Hunter reported on his laptop.

Ruthless Podcast Host Comfortable Smug Created a timeline An outline of a Twitter thread about how the Newsguard tried to bury PostIts story and the credibility of the newspaper. Casually Smug called Brill in an interview in October 2020 to claim that the story about Hunter’s laptop was a “fraud perpetrated by the Russians”. The podcast host also tweeted: “3/16/22: Huge advertising agency [Magna] Says they will use NewsGuard to avoid placing ads on ‘unreliable’ news [.] 3/17/22: NYT says laptop is real. ”

Times Emails saying it was found “appears[ed] Mr. Biden comes from an abandoned laptop at a Delaware repair shop. Cache emails and others They were verified by people they knew and through investigation” [Emphasis added.]

Brill went on the CNBC edition on October 15, 2020 Squawk on the street Railroad about how social media companies tried to ban New York Post The story “knows absolutely nothing about what they are doing.” Brill said these companies should follow Microsoft’s lead and use tools like NewsGuard to presumably curate articles for quality control.

Brill expressed his leftist bias during the interview, citing unproven Russiagate conspiracy theories: “In my personal opinion, this story is likely to be a hoax, and even the Russians have been a hoax again.”

Then the CEO of Newsguard said Post Hunter Biden’s laptop report appears to be “fake”:

We have nutrition labels and ratings New York Post People will say that they tend to side with President Trump, they have exposed irresponsible things in the past, and that would be a way to start this debate, which other news agencies will join, which I hope. I am trying to report the truth of what it really looks like a false story.

Ironically, NewsGuard itself is not a reliable source. A recent MRC survey found that outlets rated “Left” or “Left Left” by AllSides had an average Newsguard score of 93/100. The average Newsguard rating for sites considered by AllSides as “correct” or “lean right” was 66/100. Brill, in particular, has recently shown his irrational bias by calling OAN, and Fox News would probably call “Moon Landing” a “fraud” if it happened under Biden.

The Post Hunter Biden’s alleged emails have been recorded which revealed his and his father’s alleged corrupt dealings in Ukraine. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger delights Newsguard Credibility In a Twitter thread of his own. “Let’s be very clear. Initiatives like NewsGuard aim to give approval stamps to already very powerful news organizations, “he tweeted. “It’s just another way to discredit the credibility of organizations like the New York Times and the outlets that don’t agree with them.”

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact ABC News (818) 460-7477, CBS News (212) 975-3247 and NBC News (212) 664-6192 and demand that they report on NewsGuard’s apparent leftist bias.

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