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Posted: March 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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There is this thing called multitasking and we GOP voters hope Republicans will try it. Democrats? Nah, because we don’t expect anything from the Democrats. But Demra is good at multi-tasking. Even if they pretend to be butchers about Ukraine – such fraud is only countered by the bride’s performance on the wedding night of the Boulevard workers – they simultaneously take initiatives like schoolhouse kidy grooming and women’s sports champions who are friends. They can focus more than just Ukraine. Of course, we don’t really expect anything from Republicans, but at least with them we have the opportunity to influence their behavior, even if only with the initial threat from someone who would drag them from the DC estate to America. Campaign in their unwashed. Disney-approved kindergarten has a lot of sad things going on here at home besides the distorted propaganda and the crisis of the girl athletes who are boys. We have the idea of ​​an elite freedom of speech, such as Bill Clinton’s wedding vows, gas prices higher than Chech & Chong hanging in place of Seth Rogan, and the opening of a border wider than Navarro’s pie-hole in the endless fountain of the Golden Coral. Ham. We have a potential Supreme Court judge …

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