‘Have you ever worked as a pro bono for terror victims?’ – Indie News

Senator Tom Cotton asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson about his pro-bono work for four Guantanamo Bay detainees, asking him “Have you ever done pro-bono work for victims of terrorism?”

The interrogation line came three days after Jackson’s confirmation hearing.

Senator Tomcaton AR: “You have done pro-bono work for or on behalf of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Have you ever done a good job for the victims of terrorism? ”

Ketanji Brown Jackson: No. pic.twitter.com/ZWExWqlDAE

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 23, 2022

“Senator, I am not aware of any such case in my law firm. I was on a team of lawyers who were often asked ‘Will you file a short file for some group’ and I don’t know if the victims of terrorism asked our firm to participate, “Jackson replied.

Jackson represented the detainees while working as a federal public defender at a private law firm.

His clients were a so-called al-Qaeda bomb expert, a Taliban intelligence officer, a man trained to fight American forces in Afghanistan, and a farmer with ties to the Taliban. None of them were convicted.

Sen. Josh Howley had previously raised the issue, saying he found it “a little disturbing” that he continued to represent men after going into private practice.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Pro-Bono Work for the Gitmo Prisoners in Tom Cotton Blast: ‘Have you ever done pro-bono work for victims of terrorism?’ Gateway Pandit first appeared.

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