Guns, children and the United States

Alabama and Ohio have passed versions of “Constitutional Carriage.” It is a law that allows a legitimate owner of a firearm to carry that firearm without additional government permission. Georgia’s State House and Senate have both passed versions, and a committee is set to reconcile the differences. Georgia should pass legislation next week, becoming the 24th state to pass such legislation. Just last year, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and Utah joined the list, leaving half of the country under constitutional carrying. Indiana, Nebraska and South Carolina are considering the measure. Progressives want to say that it is as easy to vote in the United States as it is to buy firearms. Their bumper-sticker slogan denies their ignorance of the matter. A voter in the United States must register to vote once, then attend, usually by showing their identities and signing up to vote to participate in the next election. To purchase a firearm in the United States, a person must fill out a multipage document, hand over photo identification, and wait for a government clearance. Then the person has to pay for the gun. Progressives like to talk about “gun display errors”, which are not as common as their beliefs. After buying guns from gun shows on multiple occasions, I never faced this supposed loophole and instead, had to fill out paperwork every time and wait for the government to fix it. Twice, I’ve been given a gun. In both cases, the guns had to be shipped to gun retailers in my state. I had to fill out the paperwork and wait for the government to fix it even though I wasn’t buying the gun. Although leftists believe that buying a gun is much easier than it really is, their problem is that Americans are becoming increasingly familiar with the actual process. Although the country has more than 330 million people, it is estimated that 393 million guns are in the hands of civilians, excluding law enforcement and the military. The United States has about 120.5 firearms per 100 people, making it the largest private gun owner in the United States. With only 4% of the world’s population, the United States makes up 46% of the gun owners population. According to gun expert Stephen Gutowski, “American civilians own about 100 times more firearms than the US military and about 400 times more firearms than law enforcement agencies.” In the last two years, the United States has set a record for gun ownership. Apparently there has been a record new gun purchase every month and women buyers are on the rise. This comes at a time when the media and gun control groups are locked up against gun ownership. From CNN to The New York Times In every city to protect guns, American leftists must pass legislation to reduce the right to own a gun. But as the language becomes sharper, funding becomes more intense and efforts become stronger, gun control groups and their friends in the media have failed miserably. Even with Obama years and now the Democrat president and the Democrat-controlled Congress, Democrats have failed to advance meaningful gun control efforts. The most meaningful came, ironically, from former President Donald Trump. Only well-informed and media-intelligent gun control efforts have failed, but it has failed and even the National Rifle Association has become sclerotic. NRA is ineffective, problematic and financially dubious. It is not putting points on the board. But gun owners and state-level gun groups are still winning. The NRA has largely fallen into disrepair because it was so successful. There is a lesson here for the pro-life movement. If the Supreme Court ends Rowe vs. Wade, pro-life groups still have to work for a culture of life. But some will have to declare victory and go down if they don’t flow into a permanent grip like some gun groups. It would be bad for the credibility of the pro-life cause if wound up like the NRA, the victim of its own success.

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