GOP donor confidence goes public – accuses Carl Rove of being the man behind the hate

Eric Greaten’s ex-wife accused the former Missouri governor of abusing their nine-year marriage. Eric Gretens is currently fighting for the full custody of their two children.

Eric Greatens’ response to this heinous allegation of physical abuse and coercion is completely fabricated and baseless.

The former Missouri governor is running for the U.S. Senate and is currently leading the race. Of course, Rinora of Missouri strongly opposes him.

Shina Gretens has decided to withdraw the allegations this week and the GOP primary is coming up on August 2nd.

Shina thought it would be a good time to accuse her ex-husband of abuse just before her political return. There is nothing fishing here!

“I want full custody of my sons and for them, I will continue to pray for their mother and hope she gets the help she needs,” Gretens told the Washington Times.

Eric Gretens also told The Gateway pundit earlier this week that his ex-wife had signed a custody agreement a few months after their divorce. She did not mention any abuse from her ex-husband in documents signed during the war for the custody of their two sons. The two sons spend most of their time with their father today. So why would he push these allegations today?

We now have more information about who was behind this latest attack on Eric Gretens.

According to a new report from, Mitch McConnell and Carl Rowe previously knew about this hit piece against Eric Greaten.

This is explosive information.


GOP Founding Counselor Carl Rove has previously learned from the contents of a now-public filing that Shina Gretens, the ex-wife of former Missouri Governor Eric Greaten, had filed a dispute over the parental structure for their two sons, a top GOP trustee told Mega-Datara . Rowe, in response, issued a statement to the Britbert News and denied the incident to donor trustees.

Also, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell has appointed Shina Greaten’s sister, a top aide to Mitch McConnell, to three different political consulting firms …

… Rove had no prior knowledge of the impending complaint, Donor Believer said, but he suggested that if the trustee traveled to Texas, Rove could set it up so that the trustee could hear directly from him.

The trustee, Steve Hantler, confirmed the account on record when asked by Britbert News on Tuesday. Hantler is a well-known figure behind the GOP donor community and his credibility is clear. He rarely speaks on record with news outlets but is often involved with helping top conservative candidates. As well as serving as a go-between with GOP donors and candidates and groups.

Within 10 to 14 days of Shina Gretens filing her complaint in Missouri’s Boone County Court, Rowe had a call with Hantler where Hantler stated that Rowe had explicitly stated that Eric Greaten’s ex-wife was “going” before the primary election. “

Hantler has known Rove for decades – since the 1990s – and describes Rove as a close friend. He spoke to the Britbert News after the story came out earlier this week. He spoke in support of the US Senate, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the United States. Sources familiar with the matter told Britbert News.

Hantler responded to Rove’s call by saying that he would call Shina and ask her if it was true, and Rove replied, “Well, he won’t talk to you.”

“However, if you want to talk to him, I can set it up – fly to Austin and the two of you will be able to talk,” Rove said, according to Hantler.

Rove does not deny that the call in question was made, but he denies the call Hantler’s account.

We reached out to Eric Gretens for comment.

The post is huge: GOP donor confidence goes public – Missouri Senate candidate Eric Grittens first appeared on The Gateway Pundit, accusing Carl Rove of being behind the heinous hit piece.

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