Global food shortages বি Biden claims that Western leaders have negotiated

The following article, entitled Global Food Deficit বি Biden claims that Western leaders have discussed the issue এবং and the result is not looking good, was first published in Big League Politics.

Hunger is never a beautiful situation এবং and it looks like it will hit the American coast in the near future. According to U.S. President Joe Biden, the leaders considered the possibility of food shortages as a result of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine যদিও although it is not clear exactly how a conflict in Europe would severely affect the United States, such as staple foods such as corn and wheat. .

Biden predicts “severe” food shortages, referring to Ukraine and Russia as Europe’s “bread basket”He said the combined wheat supply of the two countries accounts for more than 30% of the global wheat trade.

The cost of sanctions is not limited to Russia. It has been imposed on many countries, including European countries and oursBiden was speaking after a NATO emergency meeting in Brussels. This means that Russian sanctions are coming home to the roast-no one likes to be spared.

We’ve had long discussions at the G7 … with both the United States, a significant one – the world’s third-largest wheat producer – as well as Canada, a major, major producer. And we both talked about how we can grow and distribute food faster ছাড়াও we also talked about requesting an end to trade restrictions on all European countries and everyone else, and restrictions on sending food abroad. So we are in the process of working with our European friends on what it will be, what it will do to help address food scarcity concerns,“She said.

Biden also hinted at a “significant” US investment model for humanitarian aid, which would include food.

Separately, French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled details of a proposed EU-led food security program aimed at reducing the risk of war-related food shortages.

This situation will create a food crisis, a very serious humanitarian situation in several countries and certain political consequences for many countries.Macron made the remarks at a news conference in Brussels on Thursday.

Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter (33 million tons in 2021), followed by Ukraine (fourth largest exporter, 20 million tons in 2021), according to a document released by Elysee.

According to the report, 26 major African and Middle Eastern countries import more than half of their wheat from Russia or Ukraine.

The three-pronged approach to the document will rely on measures such as stockpiling crisis crops to “prevent any deficits and keep prices low,” to strengthen the output threshold and increase investment in sustainable agriculture in the most affected countries. Basically, the only way to avoid hunger is to take food. Perhaps, homelessness can be improved in just the same way – just go get a home.

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