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(Washington DC) – The left is calling for a green energy revolution. To the right is the battle cry of “Drill, Baby, Drill”. And American voters, tired of political excuses, are angry. Rising gas prices have created a new election year headache for Joe Biden. Republicans have accused him of pushing the “anti-US forces agenda.” Democrats have blamed greedy oil companies and Russian leader Vladimir Putin for the attacks in Ukraine.

While some argue that the crisis offers a chance, consumers are feeling the pinch of the latest knot problem for the U.S. president, who, after 14 months in office, apparently can’t get a break. “Biden has a cursed presidency,” observes Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota. “He is following in the footsteps of Kovid, because inflation is out of control, by a crazy Russian leader, and now because of rising electricity prices, which is hitting the pockets of voters.” They want to be able to get gas for their car and not spend a hundred bucks.

The price of the pump, which reached a record high of 4. 4.43 per gallon last weekend, was rising long before Russia invaded Ukraine as demand recovered from the coronavirus lockdown. Republicans, however, saw a political ploy to beat him. They argued that Biden had promised to “fight” in domestic energy production, signed an executive order to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, and cut oil and gas reserves on federal land. March 13. A sign at an Exxon gas station in Washington, D.C., displays চিহ্ন 4.49 per gallon.

Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate, tweeted: “No one will buy the Democrats’ efforts to blame the failed 14-month policy for the three-week crisis in Europe. Towards the end of last month, inflation and gas prices skyrocketed and hit households. The White House needs to stop trying to deny their mistakes and start fixing them. Republicans have also condemned the White House …

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