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(State wide) – According to, gas prices in Indiana were still an inch lower on Monday morning, averaging রাজ 4.16 per gallon. The Gas Tracker website reports that the average price fell 7.3 cents last week. But, there is no indication that it will continue to go down.

“For the first time in 12 weeks, the national average price of petrol has come down. While the fall is still a matter of shifting global supply and demand, Russia’s war against Kovid and Ukraine, we are prepared to see additional downgrades at pumps in most regions this week, “said Patrick de Han, head of Petroleum Analysis at Gasbody.

For the first time in 12 weeks, the average price of petrol has dropped weekly, down 9c / gal last week to 24 4.24 / gal.

– Patrick D. Han (GasBuddyGuy) March 21, 2022

“For now, the demand for gasoline has not shown any signs of abating under high price pressures, even though the average in California is around $ 6 per gallon, spring break travel is going well. If the situation worsens, more oil is kept away from the world market, it is not impossible that Americans will still have to raise their gas prices significantly enough to reduce their unsatisfactory demand for gasoline. “

The cheapest gas in the state was in Withersburg on Monday morning, where it was $ 3.84.

Foot Wayne was one of the biggest falls in the state. Gas prices there averaged $ 4.12 last week.

The average in Indy was $ 4.16, down 6.5 cents last week.

Gas prices are 80 cents higher than last month.

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