Gas cards for Americans are not under “serious consideration,” the White House says;

Washington – The White House is actively looking for ways to help reduce pain at the gas pump.

A recent report said that President Biden and his staff were considering sending gas cards to Americans so that they could pay the federal government, but a White House spokesman said the idea was floated but was not under serious consideration.

Still, the very thought of official gas cards, Republicans have even blabasting the White House for thought entertainment.

“Just add it to a long list of bad ideas,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN). “They talked about gas cards, they talked about suspending taxes on gas, they talked about raising taxes on gas.”

The current average price of gas in Indiana is $ 4.15 per gallon. The national average is 10-cents more expensive.

Young joined other Senate Republicans to advise Democrats at a time when inflation is still close to record highs, considering government subsidies.

In one of three plans proposed by House Democrats, Americans receive $ 100 a month from the government as long as gas stays above গড়ে 4.00 per gallon on average.

“Americans are feeling the effects of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and at the moment we must work together to reduce the financial burden that our voters are experiencing.”

“They want to subsidize demand only when they want to increase spending through regulations. That’s ridiculous, “said Young. “We know the only real and lasting solution. We need to increase American production (of oil). “

The White House has repeatedly said that the lack of oil production in the United States is the fault of fuel companies in dragging their feet in the name of profit. However, other experts say the government is dragging its feet following a request for permission to drill new oil wells.

The gas card post for Americans is not under “serious consideration,” the White House says; GOP Balks At Idea first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC.

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