Fox News contributors ruthlessly ridicule Biden for ‘one-piece defeat’

Fox News contributor Charlie Hart did not hold back his anger with Joe Biden on Friday evening. Hannity.

Hart and guest host Pete Hagseth were discussing Biden’s visit to the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army in Poland – and the disgusting remarks he made during the visit.

“We’re based on an idea,” Biden told the troops. “We hold to the fact that all men and women are created equal. Sounds offensive, but who we are is true. We never complied, but we never deviated from it. “

Hegseth blasted Biden for dismissing the country’s founding documents.

“He said this in a room full of men and women, probably because of those who swore, who signed up and swore to give their lives not only for their co-workers, but for those dirty documents,” Hart said. “And they will go to any fire to sacrifice their lives for that document. And to put this horse’s ass there, their Commander-in-Chief, and I hate to talk like that because he’s still Commander-in-Chief. And to honor those men in that room, you know, you hate to drag the guy, but he shouldn’t be there. He needs to be taken away. “

“She’s not fit for it.”

Following his remarks, B-roll footage of the president eating pizza spread across the screen.

“And there he was, defeated by a piece of jalapeno pizza,” Hart snarks.

Guest: There, he’s lost a piece of jalapeno pizza

– Asin (@ app) March 26, 2022

During a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Dudar after an army visit, Biden coughed and had to sip his water.

Biden then told the Polish leader, “I was meeting with our soldiers and I found pizza with hot peppers in it.”

“Okay, if you start eating, I’m going to sit down and have something to eat.”

Press Biden eating pizza with members of the service in Regesjo, Poland.

– ABC News (@BC) March 25, 2022

Troops upset over Bafun’s “presidency”@ JobaidenSoldiers “dig” to get that pizza like an animal before they get anything. The military always eats the last of the senior officers! (And there are some rules for crying out loud) !!

– Greg Kelly (gregkellyusa) March 25, 2022

Post Fox News contributors ruthlessly ridiculed Biden for being ‘defeated by a piece of jalapeno pizza’, first appearing on The Gateway Pundit.

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