Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey should be charged with blocking Hunter Biden

Two years later, The New York Times finally admits Hunter Biden’s laptop story is true. The story that the New York Post first reported contained details of the son of then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, email on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, and details of several horrific international agreements.

Reports of what was on Hunter’s laptop first surfaced in 2020, with several left-leaning media outlets and Biden’s campaign team labeling the story as “Russian confusion.”

Censorship of the story has become a taboo subject on the social media platform Twitter. Discussing Twitter Hunter Biden will block and delete any user or post. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO at the time, later revealed that the move was a “complete mistake” when pressure was mounted on congressional hearings over misinformation and social media.

Tony Katz says Dorsey should be charged for the way Twitter has inevitably affected the 2020 election.

“Jack Dorsey is a criminal who worked to influence an election in the United States. Jack Dorsey should, as I see it, face charges. Jack Dorsey has done more to harm our election, Twitter has done more to harm our election in the United States than the Russians. “

White House Press Secretary Jane Saki was recently asked about the Biden administration dubbing Hunter’s laptop as “Russian misinformation.” Saki redirects those questions to the judiciary.

Regardless, it’s not a political story it’s about the dangers of big tech censorship.

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