Former Blackrock Says Pfizer, FDA Hidden Data Clinical Trials Fail

In an interview with the Daily Clout’s Naomi Wolf, investment adviser Edward Dowd discusses why investors are dumping stocks of COVID-19 vaccine makers.

Dowd, BlackRock’s former managing director from 2002 to 2012, has increased BlackRock’s growth strategy from $ 2 billion to $ 14 billion in 10 years.

The wolf introduces Dawood:

“He’s the kind of brave, well-known whistleblower who has come forward to explain to the audience why Pfizer did a hoax.”

Dowd describes how his initial caution about taking the experimental COVID vaccine led him to research information about Pfizer’s clinical trials.

David told Wolf:

“I learned from a friend in the biotech industry that in the initial trial, Pfizer failed at its final cause of death. When you fail at that point, the drug is not approved. “

When Big Pharma and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were reluctant to release vaccine safety data, Dowd became even more skeptical about vaccines, he said, and was forced to speak privately and publicly about what he believed was a major fraud. :

“When the FDA decided to hide clinical data for 75 years, I became more vocal about fraud. I’m an investor, so let me tell you how I think about the world. I can’t wait for people to tell me what happened. My job was to come up with an analysis, a mosaic and an investment thesis, and then over time I would prove right.

“So I can’t wait for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post to tell me something. Because when it happens, the opportunity to make money is lost. So I started screaming fraud as soon as I saw it – because hiding data from the public is unprecedented. “

This is a report from the CEO of a major life insurance company confirming Dowd’s suspicions:

“If this vaccine was as deadly and harmful as we thought it would be, we would see the results from insurance companies and funeral homes. These are databases that the government is not hiding from us. So, unfortunately, in early January, One America launched a signal.

“The CEO didn’t really know what he was saying or the effect – because he didn’t think it was a vaccine, but he came to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and said that in the second half of 2021, he saw a 40% increase in public mortality – non-covid. And on those bones. Putting some meat, a 10% increase he said it would be a three-value deviation [increase]Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. “

Dawd describes the impact on the financial world and his current work:

“Wall Street is listening to me now because they are nervous and many of them have been jabbed. And if you look at the stock of Moderna and Pfizer, Moderna is down 70% and Pfizer is down 20%.

“So my goal is to raise awareness in the country and around the world, even though the mainstream media isn’t going to save us – and it doesn’t seem to be politicians or regulators, because they’re in it – we have to spread the word.”

Wolf asked Dowd about his public position response:

“One of the things you have said, unequivocally, is that words are not missing – it’s a hoax. So if you’re not right, it works, I believe, and Pfizer and Modern may file a defamation suit or defamation suit against you. However, I believe that this has not happened yet. Will you talk to him? “

Dawood replied:

“I do not have a medical license to do so. I don’t have a license to drive. I am an investor. And throughout the history of Wall Street, to investors we call this thesis. So I’m presenting this as a thesis – I’m 100% sure it’s a forgery. I picked up my case and it started to appear, revealing that it was, but I can say it’s freedom of speech. They can sue me if they want. I have no doubt they will. “

Dowd says he’s waiting for a “hit on me”, but nothing has happened yet. He said that because what he was presenting was an investment thesis, he was protected under the Freedom of Speech Act.

“That’s the problem,” said Dowd.

Watch the full interview here:

Post-Pfizer, a clinical trial to show the FDA hidden data has failed, says the former BlackRock adviser first appeared on CD media.

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