Fighting depression and becoming the 77th ranked person in the world, Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka, the billionaire tennis player who withdrew from the 2021 French Open that speaking to reporters would be a brand-representative of cryptocurrency, a mental-health risk.

Osaka announced Monday that it will represent the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, where it has an equity stake. He will also receive his compensation in crypto.

“Some women are part of the crypto,” Osaka said in a statement, “which reflects the inequality we see in other financial markets.”

Mentioning Osaka’s “inequality” is consistent with other positions he has expressed over the years. He withdrew from the 2020 Cincinnati Open in protest of Jacob Blake’s police firing, so that the officers involved could finally be cleared of wrongdoing. He has also supported the far-left Black Lives Matter movement.

Many journalists praised Oscar for his decision not to speak to reporters in 2021, with sports reporter Marina Hyde asking, “How honestly is this important?” Christopher Cleary, a tennis writer for the New York Times, was one of the few who argued that “facing unwanted questions from athletes, even in defeat, doesn’t seem like much to ask.”

In an interview with Dr. Women’s agenda In June, Osaka said he had been suffering from depression since winning his 2018 US Open.

“The truth is that I’ve been suffering from depression for a long time since the US Open in 2018, and I’ve had a really hard time dealing with it,” Osaka said.

Following Osaka’s decision to withdraw from the French Open, his singles rankings dropped, dropping from 14th to 85th in the world in less than two weeks in January 2022. He is now ranked 77th.

Osaka reappeared in the news this month, when he broke down in tears after being hacked by a man at a tournament in California.

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