Fawcett says NYC mayor ‘doesn’t want to side’ with celebrities’ release

White House Chief Medical Adviser. Anthony Fawcett says New York City Mayor Eric Adams does not want to take sides when asked about the city’s vaccine mandate to exempt athletes and sportsmen.

The mayor is still facing extreme repercussions for forcibly exempting those industries on city workers.

Fawcett made the remarks while talking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” on Friday.

Fawcett was asked how he felt about the vaccine mandate waiver for New York athletes and entertainers:

“I don’t want to take sides …” pic.twitter.com/2NlSXcnPtb

– Post millennials (@TPostMillennial) March 25, 2022

“Well, you know, Neil, this is obviously a delicate situation in New York. I don’t really want to be outside the mayor, who I’m sure is trying to do the best for the city. Decided to bring back the need to give, “Fawcett said. “I mean, as you mentioned, there is a pushback, which can be unfair to others. But I’m not on New York soil. I don’t like the situation. So, this is a really difficult problem. So, I’d rather not- “

The host asked, “But why can’t it be for everyone, Doctor?” I’m guessing I’m saying if you don’t need to be vaccinated for athletes and entertainers, do the same for everyone else, or if you are, include athletes and entertainers, be consistent. What do you think? “

“Okay, again, Neil, I don’t want to take sides. I think the mayor made a difficult decision, as you mentioned, when you presented the matter. It’s been a lot of pushback. Because some people see it as unfair. You can understand that. But you also have to look at the mayor’s side. Again, this is a difficult call. It’s a really tough call, “said Fawcett.

Adams claims he has decided to help the city’s economy.

“By keeping our home teams on equal footing, we increase their chances of winning and then make a real impact on our city,” Adams said. “It’s not just the fans of the stand, it’s the people in the shop.”

The Patrolmen’s Benevolence Association, the city’s largest police union, fired Adams for the move.

PBA President Pat Lynch said in a statement: “We’ve been suing the city for months for its arbitrary and cute vaccine orders – that’s exactly what we’re talking about.” “If the order is not necessary for celebrities, it is not necessary for the police who are protecting our city in the midst of a crime crisis. While the celebrities were on lockdown, New York City police officers were on the streets throughout the epidemic, working without adequate PPE and in many cases contracting and recovering themselves from COVID. They don’t deserve to be treated like second-class citizens anymore. “

Post Fawcett says he first appeared on The Gateway Pondy about the NYC mayor not wanting to take sides in the waiver mandate (video) of celebrities and athletes.

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