Far left buzzfeed news operations lose $ 10 million a year – shareholders

The far-left dumpster file known as Buzzfeed News is losing $ 10 million a year. Now their stockholders are saying enough. Some shareholders want to close the whole news section.

Buzzfeed’s reporting has been so bad that even Jeffrey has complained about Toobin’s reporting.

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So it’s no surprise that the BuzzFeed newsroom is bleeding $ 10 million a year from the company’s bottom line. What is a dumpster fire?

The Daily Mail is now reporting that BuzzFeed has enough shareholders and is calling for the newsroom to close.

New York-based website BuzzFeed is winding down its news department as a digital media company.

Newsroom, which loses about $ 10 million a year to Buzzfeed, is offering voluntary purchases while some top editors are leaving.

The departures include Mark Schuffs, chief editor and chief deputy editor of BuzzFeed News, Tom Namako, who announced the move to NBC News Digital on Tuesday. Ariel Kamin, executive secretary of the investigation, is also leaving.

According to CNBC, several key shareholders have asked founder and CEO Jonah Peretti to stop the whole news operation.

In a BuzzFeed earnings call on Tuesday, CEO Jonah Peretti said the company is accelerating its investment in popular vertical videos on apps like TickTock.

BuzzFeed is notorious for spreading fake news like their story that President Trump ordered his attorney to lie to Congress.

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