Fake news, Bezos post! Paper Trice to Moody Waters Over Peace Smearing Yankin

On tuesday The Washington Post A “clarification” has been added A local story The claim that Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Yankin proposed setting up a parental hotline to report “divisive” content in schools was strongly opposed by each of the Commonwealth’s 133 superintendents, although in reality it was only a letter passed by their trade. Executive Board of the Association.

Reporter Greg Snyder has yet to formally revise his leadership because he still complains “[a]ll 133 Virginia Public Schools Department Superintendents “ I want Yankin “Complaints against teachers and principals for scraping ‘tip line’ …” Although, again, it’s not that straightforward.

First, here’s what Snyder wrote here (click “Extend”):

The superintendents of all 133 Virginia public school departments have asked Government Glenn Yankin (R) to rescind the “tip line” set for parents to complain about teachers and principals and to stop his campaign against teaching “divisive” content. School

The executive director of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents expressed concern in a letter to state school superintendent Jillian Balo on Thursday, saying a recent administrative report that rooted policies aimed at racial equality was misleading and prepared without input from surrounding school districts. State.

“Division superintendents disagree with your view that discriminatory and divisive ideas have become widespread in the Virginia school department,” the group said in a letter from Howard Kisser, the group’s executive director, who said he was writing for 133 school officials. Didn’t hear.

The letter, which was approved by the board but not signed by every member of the group, denounced Balo for condemning and closing down a slate of the ethnic equity program, “without involving academics in creating that position or providing evidence to support that position.” “

The four paragraphs seem to contain highly relevant information on how the letter does not reflect the views of each superintendent, but the lead graph and the following headline do not illustrate that: “All 133 Virginia school superintendents requested Yankin to repeal the tip line and content policy.”

We don’t claim to be the best, last but not least, how to write a news story, but it seems to be a hack.

The rest of the school recalls Yankin’s opposition to Criticism Theory (CRT) in school and quotes from a letter from the Virginia Association of School Superintendents stating that his policies would negatively affect the “achievement of underprivileged students” and “quality education” in Virginia.

On the same day, Post Reporter Valerie Strauss flaunted The same misleading claim in him “Analysis” Entitled, “Yankees could delay Virginia education ‘many years’: read school superintendents’ dry letter from blasting governor.”

In his inaugural graph, Strauss boasted all that “133 School Superintendents are taking a strong stand against the Government Glenn Yankin’s move to end most education equity initiatives.”

However, one piece Also posted Friday Richmond was the main line of the ABC affiliate WRIC, but still paragraph five was: ‚ÄúVASS executive director Ben Kisser made it clear that the letter was created and adopted by a 12-member board and does not reflect a consensus among all its members. “

DC-Area ABC Affiliate WJLA, their story Says Two of the 133 were not aware until the letter arrived The post.

Not surprisingly, a number of journalists still tweeted about the misleading framing. Here are some examples:

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