ESPN promised in a recent memo to support the LGTBQ + initiative

ESPN shows how deep they really are.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports (and Progressive Ideology) has released a statement on Facebook stating that it all supports the LGTBQ + ideology.

Read the post:

“ESPN believes in inclusion and condemns laws and actions across the United States that violate any human rights. We’re with our LGBTQIA + colleagues, friends, family and fans.

We will continue to partner with organizations that support the LGTBQIA + community, be responsible where we lack expectations, and will not stop telling stories about LGTBQIA + athletes, as we will post in the comments below. “

In the comments, ESPN posted five feature stories about LGTBQIA + athletes that it felt – for some reason – felt the need to celebrate more than other athletes.

The post was published in the wake of the Florida House Bill 1557, an education bill that would bar children from having sex in the Florida public school system, but progressives have falsely claimed that it is an anti-gay bill.

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Although we all expect this kind of quality signal from ESPN, it still feels nauseous.

There should be no one who sees the result of gay / transgender ideology and thinks it is a good thing. People everywhere in society are afraid to stand up and call people in their confusion because they are afraid that if they reject it. Now, our country has one of the most lucrative sports businesses that says it will not only use its resources to “broaden” the stories of these athletes, but will also partner with organizations to ensure that LGTBQIA + athletes receive special treatment. Worship

You have to be wary of ESPN’s reckless abandonment to wonder if their bites will come back in the future.

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