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Posted: March 24, 2022 12:01 AM

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British Airlines, our own airline pilots, Republican lawmakers and anyone with common sense know that the mask mandate on the plane is worthless — so why do disease control and prevention centers refuse to “follow science”? Last week, the Transportation Safety Administration became the last holdout to extend a mask mandate at airports and airports (along with other transport hubs) as part of the implementation of the CDC Transportation Mask Mandate. The Texas Public Policy Foundation has sued the mandate, citing it as an unconstitutional seizure of power, outside of the powers conferred on the CDC by Congress. It’s time to dump the federal government. Kovid-19 epidemic. British Airlines has received the message. Passengers on most British Airways and Virgin Atlantic flights can now unmask (except for flights to destinations that require it – such as the United States). ” We’re offering more welcome news and greater freedom for travelers before the holidays, “said the Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapes. Because of the way the air is filtered, an airplane is about the safest place to be in an airborne virus epidemic. The “masks are great” line is parroted with responsibility, but science is clear. “Despite having enough passengers, The number of suspected and confirmed cases of in-flight COVID-19 transmission among passengers appears to be small (about 42 in total). “Science” This is why US airline pilots have sued to end the US mask mandate. The pilots of JetBlue and Southwest Airlines also point out that mandates and “illegal and unconstitutional practices of executive authority.” They added that “countless scientific and medical studies and articles have shown that face masks are completely ineffective” despite the CDC issuing orders. “Why do they care? The FTMM has been in effect since February 1, 2021, with thousands of reports of “irregular” passenger behavior to the FAA, almost all of which have been caused by masked incidents. ” We are not just talking about drunken and belligerent behavior; We are talking about mothers who are trying to comfort crying babies and children who are kicked off the flight because the mask did not come back from the bottle into the sip; People with medical conditions; Even a 4-year-old with autism who has been “banned for life” from an airline over a mask. Although her father had medical waiver documents, he was told that the doctor’s note “does not override corporate policy” on the airline.
The autistic boy, however, lives in Florida but receives regular treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital. For him, flying is not an “advantage” that he has lost because he could not bear a mask; This is a medical requirement. On Monday, southwest flight attendants joined the pilots to remove mandates from the Biden administration. “Serving the ship and adhering to the mask at this critical time.

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