Due to a ‘coding error’, we have increased the number of covid deaths among children –

We’ll move on to the CDC changes in a moment. First, we’ve just begun to measure the ongoing damage caused by COVID, as well as the damage caused by related lockdowns and restrictions. Children and students were particularly affected by the aftermath, as they were extremely safe from the serious consequences of coronavirus infection – yet in many parts of the country their education, development and overall well-being were aggressively paralyzed. We also know that overall drug overdose, and youth suicide attempts, are a major feature of social isolation in these stressful times. Another contributing factor to the “excess death” phenomenon (the largest of which was Covid himself) was death associated with alcohol abuse. The New York Times reports: The death toll from alcohol-related deaths in the United States during the epidemic has risen because routines have been suspended, support networks have been disrupted and treatment has been delayed, a new study has found. Mortality increased by 25% in 2020 compared to 2019, the report said. Years of epidemics, as routines were disrupted, support networks were disrupted and treatment was delayed. The startling report comes amid a growing realization that the number of covids has expanded due to excess deaths beyond the number of lives directly claimed by the disease.

Post CDC: Due to a ‘coding error’, we have extensively calculated the number of deaths of Kovid among children in the first populist press © 2022.

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