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Tuesday May 24, 2022

Doozy Time returns to battle with White House walkback rash over biden

His first appearance during a question-and-answer session at the White House on March 10 Ask Whether Jane Saki owns an electric car belonging to President Biden), Peter Dusi of Fox News walked with Biden on Monday. Numerous statements The latter was made during last week’s European tour, which drew condemnation from international leaders and the White House’s walkback.

Appears partway through 13 minutes availability with Doocy “An important question” Biden needs about her later “Ask[ing] That’s a really nice question. “: “Are you worried that other world leaders will begin to suspect that America is back if you keep going back to some of these big things on the world stage?”

Biden was incredible, thinking: “What’s going on?”

Dusi ran with three examples before Biden stopped short “None of the three happened.”:

It sounds like, in the last few days, you told U.S. troops in Ukraine that they were going to Ukraine, it seemed like you said that U.S. chemical weapons could be used, and you seemed to be calling for regime change in Russia.

Biden added “This is how you interpret language” And argued that he was talking to U.S. troops about what they would see during the training of Ukrainians in Poland.

Regarding the threat of chemical weapons, Dusi asked again and Biden discouraged. But when Dusi asked “What does that mean?[t]” Biden quipped: “I won’t tell you. Why tell? You have to be stupid.”

“The world wants to know a lot. I’m not saying what their reaction will be. Then, Russia knows the reaction,” he said.

Before Dusi, things weren’t swimming through Biden’s pre-selected list of reporters. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell takes the pole position (click “Extend”):

O’Donnell: Do you believe what you said, Putin can’t stay in power or you regret it now because your government is trying to follow that. What complicates your words?

Biden: Well, you asked three different questions. I will answer them all. Number one, I’m not going back at all. The fact is, the way Putin is behaving, and the moral resentment I feel for this man’s actions, is just – just barbarism, half the children of Ukraine. I just came from living with that family and – and so – but I want to make it clear. I wasn’t there or now I’m talking about policy change. I was expressing moral resentment which I am feeling and do not apologize.

O’Donnell: Personal feelings, sir? Are these personal feelings?

Biden: My personal feelings. Second, you asked me – well, what was this second part?

O’Donnell: Does that complicate diplomacy right now?

Biden: No, I don’t think so. You know, the fact that we’re in a situation where the situation is complicated at the moment by the growing effort for Putin to be involved in the assassination, the behavior that forces the whole world to call me my God, what is this guy doing? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

After Steve Holland of Reuters Try Per To clarifyCaitlan Collins of CNN wanted to know why Even said It was necessary to start with Putin, but again, Biden suggested that there was nothing wrong with calling for Putin to lose power because his behavior in Ukraine was “completely unacceptable.”

Avoiding Doozy Time, Lisa Desardins of PBS To remind Why viewers deserve PBS to be defended because he repeatedly sucks Biden, he jerked “More foreign policy experience than any president in this office.” Before requesting it “Burden” Why there are concerns like that “Order[s] One of the world’s largest nuclear weapons. “

Biden has repeatedly denied that there would be any concern or that it could be used by the Russians as a “propaganda …”, calling it “ridiculous” and that no one should worry about how he would “express his personal annoyance” to people. “The ruling country should not be like this, but they do.”

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe, after another denial that his speech was a source of tension in Russia and Ukraine Turn text message Ginny, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, refuses to comment on the 2020 election. New revelations About the life of his son Hunter’s corruption.

Similarly, O’Keefe ended the press conference by asking Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson if the GOP questions were appropriate: Is it understandable to you, as the former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, that Republicans were questioning Judge Jackson on issues such as child pornography cases or a former sentence related to the definition of a woman?

Admitting a few seconds ago that he had not seen the hearing at all, Biden could only answer with a boilerplate that he would make “a great addition to the court” because he was “fully qualified” to appear there.

To see the transcript of the relevant press conference from March 28 (with two softballs from the left through policing) The Washington PostCleve Wootson), click here.

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