Denver BLM protesters pay 14 14 million in damages by federal jury over

A federal jury has awarded $ 14 million in damages and punitive damages to 12 Black Lives Matter protesters injured by police during a riot over the death of George Floyd in 2020.

The jury ruled that Denver’s police had violated the protesters’ constitutional rights by using less-lethal weapons in an attempt to quell the riots.

“Intervention is needed for the violence and destruction that has taken place around the community,” Lindsay Jordan, a Denver lawyer, told the judges.

Activists have filed lawsuits against Denver City and County and former police officer Jonathan Christian.

Christian was accused of shooting Elizabeth Aps, the current state legislature candidate, with a pepper ball.

“The jury found that Christian Epps had violated the Fourth Amendment and paid him $ 250,000 in punitive damages. They have denied him his first amendment, “the Denver Gazette reported. “Both sides in the trial debated whether the pepper ball thrown by Christian had actually hit Aps. He said it was “confusing” for the city to challenge the account of what he felt after the verdict.

Attorneys for the protesters claimed that their clients had never attacked officers or destroyed property.

The payouts are as follows:

Claire Sr.: 1 million
Stanford Smith: 1 million
Zachary Packard: 3 million
The whole fituri: 1 million
Maya Rothlin: 1 million
Amanda Blassing Game: 1 million
Joe Deras: 1 million
Eli Taylor: 1 million
Ashley Wedgeworth, 750,00
Jackie Parkins: 1 million
Elizabeth Apps: িয়ন 1 million in damages, $ 250,000 in punitive damages
Hollis Lyman: 1 million

NBC News reports, “In Austin, Texas, officers agreed to pay more than $ 13 million to protesters in May 2020 and 19 officers have been charged with their actions against protesters. There have been allegations of injuries to protesters. “

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