Defending Biden is a full-time job for the Times-Indie News

It’s a weird line to read in The New York Times: “A Story Still Emerging” (provocative, isn’t it?), Project Veritas “has worked to reveal personal information about the Biden family at a critical juncture in the 2020 campaign.” Isn’t that what journalists should do? Just kidding! As we have seen with Hunter Biden’s laptop, the job of journalists is to suppress negative information about Democrats. Instead of reporting “without fear or favor” – Times founder Adolf S. Ochs, 1896 – The American media now acts as a praetorian guard for the Democratic Party. Still, you would think that the Times would be embarrassed to attack others. Reporting they will not. The story was about how Project Veritas touched the diary of Ashley Biden, the president’s daughter. (He’s a good kid because he’s less of a drug lord than Hunter.) A few weeks later, Project Veritas called him “The Times no longer reports on the President: it reprimands other journalists for reporting on the President. Thus, the Times breathes …

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