Dark day for Disney: House of Mouse FLA condemns anti-grooming bill.

Child caregivers around the world are furious today, as Governor DeSantis (R-FL) has finally signed a bill that would prevent kindergarten public school students from coming into contact with third-grade gender identity curriculum and other LGBTQ lesson plans.

This angered the Walt Disney Company, which recently issued a statement condemning the bill’s signing into law. A lot for a family-friendly company. Stay crazy Disney.

The title of the education bill is the parent’s right (or “don’t call it a homosexual bill if you are a rogue leftist”), part of the law states that “there may be no classroom instruction by school staff or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity. Kindergarten to Grade 3 Until then. ”

Of course normal sex ad classes are not introduced for these young public school children, so this bill is not unusual. However, the Left has called it a desperate attempt to hide the reality of homosexuality from our youth.

Disney was vehemently opposed to (almost) every step of legislation. In fact, CEO Bob Chepek initially decided not to play political football, condemning the bill. But his LGBTQ employees (apparently millions of them) and the media have blamed him for the resignation so much that he and company have turned against him and become deadly enemies of the bill.

Disney sent Chapek to meet with Governor Descentis in person but persuaded him against signing the bill, promising to cut off political grants to Florida politicians who support it, promising more LGBTQ groups, and speaking out against the pending law, DeSantis said in the March 28 bill. Signed.

In response, the company – which went through a company-wide walkout protest led by its LGBTQ employees – released a Statement On Twitter after the governor signed the bill.

The statement lamented, “Florida HB1557, also known as ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ should never be passed and the law should never be signed.” Ah, tell us how you really feel.

The company then set its stated goal, that the law “should be repealed by the legislature or hit in court” – an interesting goal for an entertainment company. The agency further stated that it is “committed to supporting national and state agencies working to achieve this.”

The statement, of course, claims that it is about protecting the “rights and security of the LGBTQ + community” in companies, in Florida and across the country.

But what about the five-year-old poor who shouldn’t face this confusing, degenerate lesson plan? What about the right not to engage in harmful sexual instincts?

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