Dames sues Trump train drivers for ‘political violence’ on 2020 campaign bus

A white woman – married to a Hispanic man, a Texas couple – is being sued by a number of white Democrats who boarded a campaign bus in 2020 for Democrat Joe Biden. The bus driver, who is black, is also suing the couple for flying the Trump flag with the bus on Texas Highway.

“It simply came to our notice then. The Democrats are well funded and they join together, and we are a homeschool mother and a plumber. They are using the law to destroy our lives and punish and intimidate President Trump’s supporters. But we will not stop supporting him, “Jolene Mesaros told me. “Legal fees are a burden and a threat to fight it, because Democrats have unlimited funds and power.”

It is alleged that Jolin was driving the “Trump Train” with her husband at the time, and that the couple’s actions were suppressing the voices of black American voters.

Numerous supporters of Biden became obsessed with the couple’s contempt for Biden – as the drivers’ actions went viral, even as Trump tweeted about it at the time, highlighting the lack of interest and attendance at Biden’s campaign. Complete and utter insult to Biden’s supporters.

Although President Donald J. With Trump receiving a historically high number of black and Hispanic votes and a historically high number of black and Hispanic activist groups supporting him, Democrats insisted that all support for Trump and all opposition to White Joe Biden were in fact. – “racist,” hence the legal claim to this crazy story.

Lawyers are using an old KKK law to fight homeschooling mothers and plumbers and using the full weight of the law against them, bankrupting young families and laying a free-speech foundation for further rebellion against their Democrat candidates.

The 2021 lawsuits were filed on behalf of the nonprofit group Protect Democracy and the Texas Civil Rights Project and the law firm Wilkie Fur & Gallagher LLP on behalf of Timothy Hallway, the Biden bus driver in October; Eric Cervini, a biden volunteer; David Jeans, Biden’s campaign worker; And Sen., a former Democratic Texas state. Wendy Davis, The Hill reported last year.

Although the actual footage shows something completely different happened while I was covering it at the time, the Biden campaign claims that they were “suddenly attacked and destroyed” and that they canceled an event, claiming that they were too injured and hunted to continue their bus tour. Was done.

Numerous Democrat-grassroots marketing platforms have used the opportunity to create a sort of “Soviet show trial” for the media and the public – attacking the couple personally, as seen in this article on Living Blue Texas.

Remember this is a civil trial. No crime was broken on this day – although Democrats claim they are victims of many serious crimes.

They were so tortured, in fact, that they had to cancel their unspoken campaigns because a convoy of Trump supporters surrounded his bus, forced him to stop in the middle of the highway, and tried to drive. It’s off the road.

Mesaros explains the side of his story in a viral tick tock:

The couple called for the lawsuit to be dropped, as the Left and its various political media campaigns continue to push Democrats’ descriptions of their victims. It is important to understand this point because couples now have to sue before a jury.

“We accept it in the same way, because we have a strong belief in God that things happen for a reason. While it’s scary because we don’t have the means to deal with it alone, we as a couple believe that our fight can help other Americans who face similar legal challenges from Democrats in the future, “Mesaros told me.

After months of racking up legal bills for an answer from an Obama-appointed judge about dismissing the case, the couple received a message last week that their already year-long financial and legal battle would continue.

See me in their Go Fund

“While we waited for the judge’s long-awaited decision, we raised another $ 50,000 in legal bills. We think they are trying to bankrupt us, “Mesaros told me on Saturday.

The Hill reported in a recent update of the case:

A federal judge on Wednesday refused to file a civil lawsuit against a group of Trump supporters who surrounded a Biden propaganda bus on a Texas highway in 2020.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman has rejected a motion by the “Trump Train” defendants to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of Biden campaign activists and supporters, including former Sen. Wendy Davis (D) of Texas.

Pitman, an Obama appointee, said in a 14-page decision that the case would proceed with the defendants’ various legal and procedural objections to the allegations. “

Even after violent attacks on Republican lawmakers and street riots in many large areas in the summer of 2020 – before the election, the Left considers it reasonable to describe the “Trump Train” convoy as “political violence.”

According to the hill:

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants violated the Ku Klux Klan law of the restructuring era, which thwarted attempts to harm those engaged in political advocacy.

Tim Hallway, one of the plaintiffs and the bus driver at the time of the incident, applauded Pitman’s verdict Wednesday.

“Today, the court reaffirmed that there is no place for political violence in our democracy,” Hallway said in a statement. “And while the threats and intimidation we’ve faced are haunting, at least there is hope that our harassers will be held accountable.”

It’s a story that shows Democrats oust President Donald J. Readers will be amazed at how far Trump has taken to stop the populist uprising, and how far Democrats have come to marginalize and embarrass Americans who are not Marxist planters. The story of Biden Bus Blues is going on.

Biden’s party was insulted, and the lawsuit appears to be in retaliation, and perhaps a threat to others who might oppose the Democrats:

KVUE reported false information, a “crash” occurred, with no crash reports:

“Attacks on our clients on the Biden-Harris campaign bus are part of a worrying pattern of increasing political violence in the United States in recent years – the culmination of the January 6, 2021 uprising in Congress,” added senior attorney Emma Hilbert. In the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Some members of Trump’s convoy live-streamed the incident before a car crashed into a campaign vehicle.

The truth never stops the left from spreading their narrative. Consider the following article from October 2020:

Drafting with Trump’s convoy and flag

In the weeks leading up to the election, the Biden / Harris campaign team had a plan that they clearly thought or knew they would cry about.

The plan was to take a large bus through Texas, with various local officials and members of the Biden / Horse staff – from the empty campaign stop to the empty campaign stop.

Clearly, the crack team of consultants has been thinking for months and months about many long “Trump train” motorists who have already made news on the same road.

At the time – remember – Trump’s caravans were hugely popular throughout the United States

The Biden party appears to have tried to imitate Trump workers – and when things went wrong for the Democrats – they shouted at the victims and did not try to destroy an American couple by law while claiming to be Biden / Harris. t more popular.

According to Protect Democracy, the lawsuit was funded by Social Justice and international legal groups:

Protect democracy A non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to preventing American democracy from becoming a more authoritarian government.

Texas Civil Rights Project Courageously working in the movement for equality and justice in and out of court. We use our lawsuits and legal advocacy tools to protect and advance the civil rights of everyone in Texas, and we partner with communities across the state to serve the growing movement for social justice. We begin our work with a vision of Texas where all communities can thrive on dignity, justice and without fear.

Wilky Farr and Gallagher LLP An international law firm of approximately 850 attorneys.

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