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Probably no other week in my life has witnessed a gaslighting and bitterly biased nature of the legacy media. Two of the biggest stories of the week revolve around the Supreme Court – the first is the confirmation hearing of Joe Biden in the country’s highest court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and the second is the story of Clarence Thomas and his wife. 2020 election.

Typically, the successor media – the handmaidens willing for the progressive left – at least try to give some time and space to their hypocritical behavior with those who are similarly located. Alas, perhaps as a sign of how comfortable they are with their role as lawyers rather than journalists, we were treated with the most shameless farce in the media this week.

Ketanji is being harshly criticized by the successor media for Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing – breathless! – Involves questions about the nominee’s record and judicial philosophy. While Brett Kavanagh may be accused of baseless allegations of gang rape and Amy Connie Barrett may criticize her religious beliefs and even her decision to accept, the media wants Americans to believe that these smear jobs are within limits and that Jackson has limited questions. smears are

Ironically enough, The Washington Post An opad has actually been released from its editorial board The Republicans ‘treatment of the KBJ was worse than the Democrats’ treatment of Kavanagh:

During the hearing, Sen. Lindsay and. Republicans like Graham (SC) have congratulated themselves for refusing to deal with Judge Jackson, just as Democrats have condemned Brett M. 7 conducted the nomination of Kavanagh Indeed, through the most pertinent move, Mr. Graham and a handful of other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have managed themselves worse.

One woman credibly accused Mr. Kavanagh of sexual harassment. Democrats are right to ask the committee to investigate. After a superficial FBI review, Republicans advanced his nomination. In the end, Mr. Kavanagh behaved helplessly, personally attacking Democratic senators, and expressing partisan tendencies that called into question his commitment to neutrality.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s Most Uninterrupted Race-Biting Harpy Joy Ann Reed – who, as far as I know, are still looking for “hackers” who put all the anti-gay stuff on his now deleted blog – turned into one of the most bizarre defenses of Jackson’s reluctance or inability to protect his record,

After returning from a trade break, he personally attacked Senators Josh Howley (R-MO) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), whom he called “Fist Josh in Hawaii, and Tom Cotton, a descendant of slaves.” He accused both senators of using the “Quinnon Beating Smear” against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Reid said the GOP senators “constantly called child pornography because they knew it would trigger QAnon and they wanted them to vote for Republicans.” Which is definitely a lie.

The arrogant host then jokingly claimed that Judge Jackson was “treated like Anita Hill. She was treated like Christine Blessy Ford. Because she is a woman, she could not act like Kavanagh. He argued that black women “should always behave as adults” whereas white men could “behave like a child and still go as far as us or beyond.”

While any question about Jackson’s record or judicial philosophy is considered a smear, it is clear that the First Amendment protected opinion of the Supreme Court judge’s wife is completely and utterly limited.

Last night and this morning, successor media is shaking hands with text messages between Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, and Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff.

Messages- Where Virginia Thomas encouraged the president and his legal team to fight his faithAnd just like that, there was an election campaign with fraud – the election was thrown out as a despicable attempt to “overturn”,

Virginia Thomas, a conservative activist married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, repeatedly pressured White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to continue his relentless efforts to cancel the 2020 presidential election in a series of urgent text exchanges in the weeks leading up to the vote. Copies of messages from The Washington Post and CBS News.

No text message asks the president to “overturn” the election, in fact all text messages make it clear that he believes the election will be rigged. It is absolutely right to believe that the 2020 election was free and fair, it is your right (though you will be wrong), just as Virginia Thomas has the right to believe that 2020 was not free or fair.

Virginia Thomas did not take part in the Capitol riots, Virginia Thomas did not break the law or commit any crime – outside of the crime of having an opinion that the legacy media does not like.

Clarence Thomas’s wife’s First Amendment protected views fair play according to the legacy media, in fact, left-handed crazy, e.g. Keith Olberman tweeted on Twitter calling for police action against Thomas and his wife:

Arrest Gianni Thomas. Go to the hospital and arrest Clarence Thomas.

The target of the media harassment of Virginia Thomas is clear, he is not the target, the target of Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. The attempt here is to try to get Thomas out of court or, at the very least, to pressure Thomas to withdraw from any lawsuit before the court in an attempt to get Trump or electoral honesty.

Every week I think to myself, the legacy media has hit rock bottom, and yet every week they prove me wrong. Stop them, tune them, they are the enemy.

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