Chris Wallace claims to be on Fox News after the 2020 election

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has claimed that he will not be able to stay on his old network after the 2020 election because it was not “sustainable” to do so.

He added that he “no longer feels comfortable with Fox News programming” just days before the launch of a new program on CNN’s soon-to-debut subscription streaming service CNN +.

Her new show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” Which is set for launch on Tuesday.

“I no longer feel comfortable with programming [the network]Wallace went on to explain.

“I’m right with the opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion, but when people start questioning the truth – who won the 2020 election? Was there a revolt on January 7? I found that unsettling. I spent a lot of 2021 to see if I had a place to work, ”he told the Times.

He added that he had seen changes in the network since the 2020 election when he contacted Fox News executives a few months ago to confirm previous reports about the alleged conspiracy theory by top-rated network host Tucker Carlson. Concerning the Capital Riot.

NPR reported at the time:

Veteran Fox News personalities, including political presenter Brett Bear and Chris Wallace, have shared their objections with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and its news president Jay Wallace. The objections were raised by Lachlan Murdoch, chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, the network’s parent company. Through a senior spokesman, Scott and Wallace declined to comment. Murdoch did not return a request for comment through a spokesman.

Carlson created a three-episode series on Fox Nation’s “Patriot Purge” for Fox Nation. The series persuaded contributors Joanna Goldberg and Stephen Hayes to leave the network, prompting Carlson to respond that their departure would “significantly improve the channel.”

“These are the only people in the world who still pretend the Iraq war was a good idea,” Carlson said at the time. “No one wants to see such stupid comments.”

In his Times interview, Wallace added: “Before, I saw that it was an environment where I could do my job and feel good about my involvement with Fox. And since November 2020, it has simply become unstable, increasingly unstable over time. “

Media adds:

By then, the changes were evident even among the Fox News audience – which made Wallace’s content less acceptable than before. In the last months of his tenure at Fox, Anchor’s rating dropped significantly. Nevertheless, he represented a dynamic, credible figure in Fox’s news operations – among other notable achievements he has hosted in the last two election presidential debates.

Wallace further explained that “I wanted to get out of politics,” and he declined to comment on recent comments from Carlson and other Fox News personalities about the situation in Ukraine.

“I had a reason to leave Fox because I wanted to keep it behind me,” he said. “There has not been a moment when I have made a second guess about this decision.”

For the new CNN + gig, according to a new promotional video for the network, Wallace is definitely missing. Instead, it includes Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and new hire Rex Chapman.


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– CNN + (NCNNplus) March 24, 2022

Last month, a report on Radar Online quoted an unnamed TV industry insider as saying, “Chris is a guy who doesn’t like anything,” about the recent departure of former CEO Jeff Zucker.

“He went there for Zucker and now Zucker is gone. Wallace thinks he’s been tough. He has no staff, no executive producers, and the man for whom he left an award gig has just walked out the door, “XQ added.

Chris Wallace claims Fox News was not ‘sustainable’ after the 2020 election

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